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Top 5 Cookware Safe For Cooking

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anodized cookware for safety

Safe cooking is something that everyone wants to practice. After the entire buzz that was created a while back on the health risks linked with Teflon, people switched to using good old steel cookware. However, even stainless steel has been associated with safety concerns. So, how should one ensure food safety and choose the right cookware... Read on to find out more about cookware safe for cooking.


Anodized Aluminum Cookware

Anodized aluminum cookware is getting a lot more popular in the kitchen these days. The electro-chemical anodizing procedure seals in the cookware’s base metal - aluminum. This ensures that the metal doesn't leach into food, and makes for what many chefs deem an ideal non-stick and scratch-resistant cooking surface. Try products by Calphalon - the supposed leader in this sort of cookware today.


Copper Cookware

Copper is a great conductor of heat which makes it easier to manage cooking temperature. Also, minute amounts of copper are actually good for health. However, to be on the safer side copper cookware must always be coated with a protective layer. Be careful not to scour the cookware, so that the protective coating is not lost.  


Glass Cookware

Glass is the most inert of all cookware; you never have to be scared of it leaching any sort of material into the food being cooked in it. However, in terms of handler's safety, one must practice caution since, glass tends to be fragile and can break or crack easily. Also, the sharp edges cause due to the breaking or cracking can result in deep injuries. 


Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is another safe choice. Its material does not seep into the food when being used for cooking. It is relatively non sticky, and dish washer safe; thus making it easy to clean. However, like glass, one must handle ceramic cookware with care to avoid breaking or cracking it.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel, made from iron and other metals, is hardy and stands firm against wear   and  tear. It is not very expensive, sturdy and the most popular cookware in North America.  Popular metals used for this sort of cookware are iron, nickel, and chromium. If any of these metals are consumed in small quantities, they will actually do you some good. The metal intake from these is well within the safe range.


Be smart about using safe cookware, buy the best quality and it will last you a good long time.  

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Top 5 Cookware Safe For Cooking