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How To Use Pressure Cooker For Defrosting

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You do not have a micro oven to defrost? No worries, you can still defrost your food with help of a pressure cooker. The information in this blog helps you understand how to use pressure cooker for defrosting.



Vegetables can easily be defrosted in a pressure cooker; however improper defrosting in pressure cooker can cause dishes to lose their flavor. Improper defrosting of frozen meats in the pressure cooker leads to the loss of volatile nutrients and take a long cooking time. Follow the steps provided below which gives you better results when using your pressure cooker for defrosting foods.

When defrosting frozen foods, it is better to plan ahead and thaw food in the refrigerator where food will stay at a safe, regular temperature of lesser than or equal to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is common practice to thaw frozen meat by placing it in hot water for few hours, especially in case of emergencies; however, is this safe...maybe not. Leaving raw meat at room temperature for long hours makes the meat susceptible to microbial spoilage and may lead to food borne illnesses.  

So, here is the list of detailed steps that need to be carried out to defrost food in a pressure cooker:


Thing's you need:

  1. Pressure cooker
  2. Thermometer
  3. Frozen food - Meat, poultry, pork, or vegetables


Defrosting Meat with a Pressure Cooker:

  1. Purchase frozen meat or poultry and clean it. Smaller pieces defrost faster, hence it is advisable to cut them in smaller pieces.
  2. Add 1 cup of warm water or broth to the pressure cooker before adding any frozen meats, pork or poultry.
  3. Add five minutes to the recipe's cooking time for each inch of thickness of frozen beef or pork.
  4. Add one minute to the cooking time for each pound of a frozen, whole chicken or turkey.
  5. Add four minutes of cooking time for each inch of thickness on a frozen turkey or chicken breast, leg or thigh.
  6. Continuously check any meat, poultry or pork with a cooking thermometer. Temperatures should be at least 165 degrees before serving.

You can even use electric pressure cooker for a frozen roast:  If you forget to move your roast from freezer to fridge to defrost the day before, here are some quick tips to help you. Your electric pressure cooker could come handy to get your frozen roast done on time. Cooking meat or poultry this way will help you without having to deal with a large amount of preparation time.


Defrosting Meat with a Pressure Cooker

  1. Purchase frozen vegetables, it is recommended that you buy frozen vegetables that have been already cut into desired sizes. In case, you need to cut them further, them allow them to thaw at room temperature for an hour or so and them cut them.
  2. In case the vegetables are pre-cut, you may or may not choose to thaw the vegetables beforehand.
  3. Once ready for defrosting, cook the vegetables as described in the recipe. Add a minute of cooking time for each pound of frozen vegetables being cooked.


  • Make sure to open the lid of the pressure cooker when the pressure drops off. This will keep the steam from burning you and the cooker from erupting.
  • To avoid the food blocking the vent pipe, make sure the pressure cooker is filled not more than two-thirds full.Now that you know how to use pressure cooker for defrosting food, do not fret the next time your microwave breaks down, just plug in or fire up you pressure cooker and defrost the food in minutes.


The above steps provided in this blog, will help you understand how to use pressure cooker for defrosting.


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How To Use Pressure Cooker For Defrosting