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How To Use A Maitre's Pressure Cooker

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It is very easy to use a Maitre’s pressure cooker. It makes cooking simple. So, here I have listed a few tips on how to use a maitre’s pressure cooker, so that you too can enjoy the pleasures of cooking.


Like all pressure cookers Maitre's pressure cooker also works by utilizing steam to raise the temperature of the foods being cooked And helps prepare meals more economically. Maitre’s pressure cooker is safer and it is a lot easier to control the pressure in these appliances; plus it helps retain more of the nutritional value in the food because of less evaporation.


Maitre's Pressure Cookers are made of aluminum and designed for rapid meal preparation. Learning how to safely and effectively use the Maitre's Pressure Cooker helps free up time in your busy day.  


Things you’ll need


  • Measuring cup
  • Maitre’s pressure cooker
  • Gas or electric stove




  1. Pour at least 1/2 cup of water into the bottom of the Maitre's Pressure Cooker. This enables you to cook for approximately 20 minutes. Add additional water to cook foods longer, but do not fill it more than two-thirds full.
  2. Place the food in the pressure cooker rack so that the food is not in direct contact with the water.
  3. Close the lid, and seal the latch. Put the pressure cooker on an oven burner at medium to medium-high heat.
  4. Lower the temperature when the gauge on the pressure cooker reaches around 15 pounds per square inch. Continue adjusting the temperature as necessary to keep the cooker in the 10 to 15 psi range until the cooking time is up.
  5. Shut off the burner, and give the pressure cooker a few minutes to cool down and the pressure to be released. Unlatch the top of the pressure cooker, and remove your cooked food.




  • Make sure to open the lid of the pressure cooker only when the pressure drops off. This will keep the steam from burning you and the cooker from erupting.
  • To avoid the food blocking the vent pipe, make sure the pressure cooker is filled not more than two-thirds full.




  1. Sauté vegetables, before using the pressure cooker for added flavor. If cooking meat and vegetables, cook the meat before cooking the vegetables, to ensure vegetables are not overcooked.
  2. If guests arrive home without prior notice, this cooker comes handy to fix them food quickly.


Using maitre's pressure cooker helps save energy as aluminium pressure cookers are designed for rapid meal preparation. This is a great way to cook meat or stew quickly, and it keeps more of the nutritional value intact in the food. Wondering what dishes to cook in maitre’s pressure cook? Check


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How To Use A Maitre's Pressure Cooker