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How To Use Marble Cookware

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USing Marble Cookware

Marble Cookware, though, not as popular as metal cookware, can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. You can use marble cookware like pans, pots, and pizza stones to cook instead of your normal crockery or stainless steel cooking vessels. Several organic and natural product enthusiasts have started to use marble cookware for cooking due to the increased health concerns arising from the use of nonstick cookware. Using marble cookware prevents the onset of various ailments caused by chemicals found in nonstick pots and pans.

Apart from being an inert substance, marble cookware is naturally non-stick, which helps in the elimination or reduction of oils or butter or margarine used for preparing a particular dish. In short, using marble cookware in your kitchen ensures you a healthy and perfect cooking experience.


Do’s and don’ts of using marble cookware.

There are certain rules that one need to follow when using marble cookware, here are a few tips that will help you in using and caring for your marble cookware better.


1. Never Use Metal Spoons With Marble Cookware.

It is advisable to avoid metal spoons or utensils while cooking with marble cookware. Using metal utensils continuously will result in the marble coating being peeled off. You can use wooden or plastic utensils while make use of marble cookware.


2. Prepare The Marble Cookware For Using.

Never use the marble cookware directly on buying. Wash the marble cookware with plain, cool water thoroughly and dry using a soft cloth. Pour few drops of cooking oil, preferably olive oil or sunflower oil, and brush on to the sides using paper towels or fingers to form a smooth coat. Place the utensil in the oven, overnight, at 250°. Take out and allow the utensil to cool. Now, the marble cookware is ready to be used.


3. Season With Oil Before Each Use.

It is preferable to apply some oil and rub on to the inner sides of the marble cookware, every time, before you use it for cooking. This is essential to turn the porous marble cookware into a non-stick one by closing the pores. Seasoning with oil also helps to make the marble cookware improve its quality.


4. Never Store In The Oven.

You should never store marble cookware in an oven. Storing in oven can result in the cookware to break soon.


5. Never Freeze For Longer Periods.

You can use marble cookware to freeze food items for a couple of hours, but it is not advisable to use marble cookware for freezing food items beyond 8 hours as it can lose its quality and develop cracks.


6. Avoid Using In Microwave.

Unless explicitly mentioned, avoid using marble cookware in microwave oven.


7. Clean The Cookware Right After Use.

It is advisable to clean the marble cookware immediately after cleaning it. Allow it to cool for few minutes and then clean it.


8. Never Use Dishwasher To Clean Marble Cookware.

It is advisable to hand-wash marble cookware using a mild detergent and sponge to prevent damages and scratches. Use a soft cotton cloth to dry the pot or pan.


Follow these instructions if you wish to use marble cookware for longer periods of time.


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How To Use Marble Cookware