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What Tools Are Required For Meat Tenderizing

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Today various Meat tenderizing tools are available in the market and these tools can help you to tenderize even the toughest of meats. But choosing the right kind tool for your purpose can be a trick and tough task. 




A tool to tenderize meat is also called ‘meat pounder’, ‘meat mallet’ or ‘meat hammer’. This kitchen tool has many uses and thus is a good piece of equipment to have in a well equipped kitchen. As the name suggests, meat tenderizing tools are those required for meat tenderizing and making the toughest cut of meat soft like butter. A meat tenderizing tool helps not only to improve texture and flavor of tough pieces of beef, pork, poultry, and fish but also speeds up the cooking time irrespective of the cooking method. Be it broiling, grilling, roasting, baking or barbecuing, this simple-to-use kitchen tool helps you to make the meat the most delicious part of the meal.

Today several commercial meat tenderizing tools are available. in market Fancy and advanced meat tenderizers like the Jaccard Supertendermatic Meat Tenderizer Knife which has 48 stainless steal, razor sharp blades, are available to reduce your marinating and cooking time by 40%.

However before commercial meat tenderizing tools were available, chefs preferred simple tools to tenderize tough pieces of meat. Even today, though several meat tenderizers are available, cooks prefer several types of tools to tenderize meat.

Pounding Tools Required For Meat Tenderizing

The traditional meat tenderizing tools look like a hammer. These can be made out of wood, aluminum, or stainless steel. You can use these tenderizing tools to whack pieces of meat to improve the taste and to relieve your stress as well!

Pounding meat tenderizing tools are made with two different sides. One side is a flat surface used to pound meat to make them thin and even. The other side of the pounding tool has short nubby spikes which can pyramid or cylindrical shaped. This side is meant to tenderize tough pieces of meat by break up the tough fibers.

Piercing Tools Required For Meat Tenderizing

A simple dinner fork is also one of the meat tenderizing tools but will work on very delicate meats like fish and chicken. For tough meats like beef, piercing tools with pins sharp knives mounted on the end of a circular disc are available. Electric pin piercers make your task quite simple. This is one of the latest kinds of meat tenderizing tools that you place on top of the meat, and push down into it like a plunger. The many razor sharp blades pierce into the meat and cut the tough fibers to tenderize it. This tool also helps to infuse the marinade into the meat. This tool comes in many varieties depending on the number of blades or needles. Use this tool to tenderize meat and you will think that the meat is a really fine and expensive cut. It is sure to melt in your mouth.

If you don’t want to invest in these tools, your can tenderize meat with a rolling pin, heavy iron skillet, frying pan or a block of wood as well!

whatever the specific tool you use to tenderize meat, the desired result of using meat tenderizing tools is a tenderized cut of tough meat  as finished product which cooks faster and tastes better.



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What Tools Are Required For Meat Tenderizing