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How To Use A Spanish Botijo

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How to use a Spanish Botjo is a cool cool question in summer time ibecause we require cool water to drink very often in summer There is an invention by Spanish to keep water cool using as equipment called Spanish Botijo.  Let’s learn how to use it. 

The botijo is a pot of unglazed earthenware; it keeps water cool even in the hot climates, while maintaining its original flavor. Apart from serving cool water to your home and garden during the warm season it can also provide a clean and refreshing drink. 






There are three stages involved in using a spanish botijo. They are;

Priming:  This is the first step required to use a spanish botijo, so before using it you should prime a new botijo. Priming will prevent the water from acquiring a clay taste.

The most convenient way to prime the botijo is with booze. You can fill your botijo with a mix of water and your favorite booze, and allow it to stand for a couple of weeks. After two weeks   you can discard the water/alcohol mixture.

Filling: The second step involved in using a spanish botijo is filling. To use a spanish botijo, first you should fill the botijo with tap water using the big whole designed especially for this purpose. After filling with tap water you can cover the botijo using a cork, or with a piece of cheesecloth and hold it in place with a rubber band. After covering botijo you can place it in outdoors, in a shady place.

Drinking: It is very important to know how to drink water using a spanish botijo. To do this; initially you can hold the botijo handle with one hand, and hold the lower part of the botijo with the other hand. Hold the botijo with the small water spout facing you. Slant the botijo until water pours out of the water spout.

You should drink water from a botijo by keeping the water spout a few centimeters from your mouth. You should never touch the spout with your lips because botijo is shared by other people.

Make sure to keep the spout a good distance may be more than 5 cm from your mouth. Moreover you should swallow the water while the mouth is still open and water from the botijo keeps pouring in. This will allow taking several gulps of water without having to incline the botijo back and forth to stop the water from pouring while they swallow.

It will take some practice to use a spanish botijo without getting your shirt all wet.

Use a spanish botijo and enjoy your summer.

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How To Use A Spanish Botijo