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How To Use A Juicer To Make Wine?

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Red WineDrinking wine is part of the culture and tradition of millions of people out there in the Western World, that these days with inflation hitting on the prices of such unforgoable commodities, using juicer to make wine at home is a blessing in disguise. You can make both the kinds of wines form white grapes and red grapes, and the use juice to make wine has become easy and cost-effective.

What you will need to turn the juice to wine?

One or the other varieties of grape fruit, large stainless steel pot, juicer, 2 carboy fermentation vessels, 2 airlock caps, funnel, 4 foot long plastic tubes, yeast from a brewing store and 2 pounds of sugar to taste.

Grape wineHow to prepare the wine?

Here is a step-by-step instruction for you to follow to make a good wine that you can relish at your convenience:

  1. Use one or other grape fruit, white or red, and extract the juice from the juicer. The amount of juice that you get and depending on your needs and taste, decide on the fruit and the quantity of the fruits used. Red grapes produce more juice than white grapes.
  2. Drain our enough juice that will fill your carboy, and so you have to select the size of the carboy accordingly. One important point that you have to remember is that you will prepare the juice without the addition of water either to the carboy or to the juicer while extracting juice. Do not remove or peel the skin, extract juice with the skin, as the grapes are known to possess a kind of yeast near the inner sides of the skin that faces the pulp.
  3. Add sugar to the extracted juice in the carboy. Add sugar little by little until you get the desired taste for your wine. Some may prefer the wine sweeter, while some may like the perfect blend of sour and sweet, while still others will prefer the wine to be sour. The nominal ratio of sugar is to be added in general is 2 pounds of sugar for every single lb of the juice prepared.
  4. Sterilize the carboy with boiling water and add the juice and the sugar mixture via a funnel till this is completely filled.

    Wine making basics

  5. Meanwhile, prepare the yeast by dissolving in a cup of warm water and allow this to stand for 5 minutes to activate the yeast. Add the yeast also to the carboy and lock immediately using a airlock.
  6. If you continuously observe, after few hours there will be formation of air bubbles appearing on the top layer showing that you are being successful in making the yeast work for you by using the sugar you added to the grape juice, and has started to produce the alcohol.
  7. Place the carboy on the high chair, and siphon out the juice from the bottom to the top of another sterilized carboy for ensuring continuous mixture of the juice without the need for an energy-consuming stirrer. Do this once or twice in a month to ensure complete mixture and interaction of all the grape juice.Wine
  8. At the end of year one, transfer the carboy to a cold room, which is necessary to get the clarity to the wine and will soon be ready for bottling. The older the wine the tastier this turns out to be.

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How To Use A Juicer To Make Wine?