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How To Remodel Kitchen

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The idea to remodel the kitchen was put into my tiny brain, when I went for the recent exhibition showcasing all the new remodeling kitchen ideas and designs. But of course, a kitchen remodel is anything but quick, and cheap. But, we did take the plunge and just got over with the new fresh kitchen remodel a few days back. Thanks to Stephen, our designer, we have incorporated some very fascinating remodel kitchen ideas and designs.

When you remodel kitchen, make sure you keep some of these remodel kitchen ideas on your checklist:

  • Budget- As I said earlier, remodeling a kitchen is anything but cheap. According to the 2010=11 cost value report, some 4 out of 10 people go ahead with the idea to remodel their kitchens, but only 3 out of them pull through. Cost wise, a minor kitchen remodel should cost you anything till $21,695, while a major-midscale kitchen remodel will cost you upto $ 58.397. However, if it is a major, plush upscale remodel you are looking for, be ready to pull out wads of $113,467 or more!
  • What changes? To get the right remodel kitchen ideas, be sure of what you want to keep, and what you want to change. You might want to hold onto the Kitchen Island, but refurbish the tiles around it. OR keep that microwave but change the cooking range. Decide what is absolutely essential to remodel the kitchen area. Some of the remodel kitchen ideas include intelligent choices of Kitchen Cabinet designs, Kitchen countertop designs, Tiling, Backsplash kitchen ideas and of course the Range.



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  • Go Green- when we were told that it is possible to contribute to the environment and yet be able to cook the same way, I had no qualms about getting this kind of a remodel kitchen. There are really easy ways to remodel kitchens to be green. For instance you can use linoleum for the counters, it is durable and re-usable. For the wooden cabinets, go for Knotty Alder Cabinets, which are more sustainable and have the perfect finish. Also, another important green kitchen remodel idea is to keep the fridge and stove far. The heat from the stove always gets the refrigerator to work extra hard, thereby consuming more electricity.
  • Safety- Since, ours is a joint family, there are about 4-5 kids who will want to enter and exit from the kitchen, run between those legs and counters at given point of time. So, it was essential to remodel the kitchen, keeping in mind that nobody gets hurt or injured simply or seriously while in the kitchen. So, we followed a few safety tips.
  • Designing- The best thing about the task to remodel kitchens is that you can start all over again. So, in case it is not already so, go for bright Kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen the country look, or the sleek cabinets with glass tiling for the urbane and sophisticated look. Look for a Triangle area, where the Cooking range, Oven and Fridge are in a specific corner, and do not require to much of sprinting for the cook! A few remodel kitchen ideas that are cheap and effective to give a new look to your kitchen are:
  • Raising the Dishwasher : This gives an easy handling approach to the washer, and helps in effective time use.
  • Lower the cabinets- One of the few contemporary remodel kitchen ideas, Keeping cabinets at different heights according to their contents, make it more identifiable and different.
  • Roll outs, Pull outs- One of my mother’s ideas, since each roll out drawer takes lesser space than a proper cabinet, and those pull outs are way easier to maneuver.

There are a lot of Kitchen designs websites that help you to take professional help or a DO it yourself job for a remodel kitchen. Just keep one thing in mind that you need to pull it through, the best idea would be to ask your husband to pamper you while your chief area gets redone!

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How To Remodel Kitchen