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How To Use Chinese Kitchen Equipment In Household Kitchen

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Chinese Kitchen EquipmentsThe question of how to use Chinese kitchen equipments within your house may interest all the Chinese food lovers.


With my experiences I would say that there is no need to own specialized Chinese equipment for preparing Chinese food,  but here are certain  equipments that will aid you.


  • Woks: This is an integral part of any Asian kitchen. I feel that this ubiquitous cooking vessel is better than frying pan at any given point of time.  It is normally used for stir frying or deep frying the food, other than that you can use it for steaming, braising, smoking food. Other than that woks can also be used for preparing stew or soup.


  • Chinese Wire Strainer: nOm hearing the name you might have got an idea about the purpose behind using this particular Chinese equipment.  I feel this equipment is very essential in every household kitchen because it strains the excess oil from fried food or helps in removing the boiled noodles from water.


  • Chinese Spatula: This is a very essential Chinese equipment which is normally designed for stir-frying the dishes in wok.  This spatula can be used for tossing large quantities of food.


  • Rice Cooker:  I felt this is one of the most useful rice cookers I have ever seen.  The timer mode set in the cooker allows you to keep track of the cooking time and once cooked the cooker automatically switches to the “keep warm mode”.



I am a great lover of Chinese food.  Trust me it’s great to cook and easier to eat too.  If you wish to learn the basics of Chinese cooking then I suggest you visit these videos: 


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How To Use Chinese Kitchen Equipment In Household Kitchen