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5 Essential Professional Cooking Equipment

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As a chef you must own these top 5 essential professional cooking equipments to enhance your performance and credibility as a professional chef. These are professional cooking equipments that would come in handy in numerous times. So without giving a second thought to it, just go on to invest in these professional kitchen equipments. We have a guide for essential professional cooking equipments.


  1. Professional Hand Blender

    Hand blender is extremely essential for blending small quantities for soups and

    sauces. It will do an array of jobs from crushing ice to making smoothies, whipped cream, mashing potatoes to chopping onion and mincing herbs, making puree and salsas.
  2. Stand Mixer

    Stand mixer comes in handing for whipping cake batter and mixing huge quantity of just about anything. It makes a chef’s life much easier when you are handling huge quantities of ingredients.
  3. Deep Fat Fryer

    One of the 5 essential professional cooking equipment must include a deep fat fryer. It enhances a chef’s frying experience. It’s easy to drop food in the oil and raising them with the help of a basket attached to a cool touch handle. It makes cooking much safer and less messy.
  4. Slow Cooker

    Slow cooker is a must have professional cooking equipment for any chef. Whether you want to make those perfectly cooked rice or prepare pasta or meat, fish and vegetable, slow cooker will do it all for you. What else? When it is not cooking, it will keep the food warm for you to serve fresh.
  5. Metal Food Slicer

    Well, as a professional chef, you should own this professional kitchen equipment to save time for cooking rather than spending on chopping and cutting vegetables. All your vegetables will be cut evenly for a presentable dish.


These 5 essential professional cooking equipments should be owned by all restaurateurs’ to improve efficiency and performance. So, if you haven’t owned them yet, go ahead and do it today.


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5 Essential Professional Cooking Equipment