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10 Essential Catering Supplies

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Catering SupplyIf you are in the catering business or simply host a lot of parties this will be an interesting read for you as I will go through ten of the most essential catering supplies there can be.


Pest Control- This features high up on the list as you can never be too careful on controlling pests. They need to be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible as they contaminate all the food you prepare. Rodents can also be a cause for concern. Sprays are a good buy to keep this nuisance under control or perhaps even an ultra-sonic rodent repellant.


Display Trays – If you are in the catering business the way you present and display your food is key to your success. Buying top quality, decorative display trays to present and serve your food to the guests is extremely essential.


Hand Sanitizers– If you are working with a team it is important that you keep a strict high standard of hygiene. Keeping soap and hand sanitizers around is always a good idea and make it mandatory for everyone to wash their hands every time they exit and enter a room. You never know how clean those door knobs are and you don’t want the food getting contaminated.


Surface Cleaners – Surface cleaners are another very essential item as you always want those kitchen surfaces and counter tops sparkling clean and sanitized.


Cling Wrap and Aluminum Foil– You can never have enough of this. It is ideal to store left over’s, cover the dishes, wrap up unused fruits and vegetables so they do not go stale. In fact get them in bulk if there is ever a sale or deal at the super market.


Disposable Plates and Flatware – If your guests are going to be standing around at the party, disposable plates and flatware are an excellent option as they are extremely light to carry around and can easily be thrown away after use.


Insulated Pan Carriers– Another relevant supply needed by every caterer. This is important as it helps keep the food warm for a long period of time and you do not have to keep re-heating the food.


Utility Carts- This is a must have for anyone in the catering business. You need to buy in bulk every time you cater a gathering or party and having one of your own utility cart just makes the job easier to carry all the shopping.


Compact Slicer– The slicer is optimal for small operations and makes the job quicker and easier. Slicing fruits manually is very time consuming job.


Warming Cabinet– This is last on the list but just as important as anything else mentioned here. This helps keep all the food hot and ready to serve.


There you have it, the top 10 catering supplies you will need to run a successful catering business.


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10 Essential Catering Supplies