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How To Make A Ribbon Fry Cutter

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It is not a difficult task to make a ribbon fry cutter but it requires a lot of patience. It is also very important to assemble the right parts before you start making a ribbon fry cutter. A ribbon fry cutter needs to be made with precision as otherwise you will not be able to get the desired result.


Making a ribbon fry cutter


Equipments needed- To make a ribbon fry cutter, you need to assemble certain tools, You need a welding torch. Be careful while picking up one. It resembles a lot like a cutting torch but that will not be very helpful for making a ribbon fry cutter. The next thing you need is a solder. You can either use a lead solder or a lead free solder – both are okay for this purpose. A drilling machine or a drill is the next important gadget that you will need to make a ribbon fry cutter. The other important equipments needed are a bench clamp, a stainless steel screw and a small blade knife. There are certain criteria however when choosing the last three items. The blade knife needs to be very smooth as otherwise it will not result in smooth ribbons for the fries. The handle of the knife needs to be sturdy as well. Also while choosing the screw make a note that the screw is neither very big, nor to small. It should complement the blade knife. There are different kinds of bench clamps available. Buy a bench clamp which is suitable for this particular purpose. If you are not able to decide which one is appropriate, take the help of the shop keeper.

The method– First thing that you need to do is drill a hole in to the tip of the knife blade for the screw to pass. The screw needs to be at least one inch long and should complement the size of the blade. While drilling also be careful as a slight pressure may lead the blade to break. Once the hole is drilled you need to weld the screw in to the hole with the help of the solder and the welding torch. Take the help of the bench clamp to secure the screw tightly in to the hole.

How to use it- Your homemade ribbon fry cutter is now ready. Using the ribbon fry cutter will need a bit of practise. Do not get disappointed if the first few potatoes do not give you nice curls. Remember you need to place the screw in to the potato and the handle of the knife serves as a lever over here. The potato needs to be cut lengthwise and with a firm grip in a rotating manner.

Nowadays there are various kinds of ribbon fry cutters available in the market. They come in different shape and sizes. If you do not have time to make one at home, pick one from your nearest store.


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How To Make A Ribbon Fry Cutter