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Top Plate Warmer Manufacturers

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Tired of warming food again and again? You actually need to buy a plate warmer. This article will enlist Top Plate Warmer Manufacturers. Share your views on how helpful was this article.

What is plate warmer: For those who are not aware of the term plate warmer, it is a device, which can help keep food warm for long hours without losing its nutritional qualities and flavor. This prevents you from heating up the food again and again specially when you are hosting a dinner party at your home. Plate warmer becomes your best companion during chilly winters or for all those who come late for lunch or dinner.

Types of plate warmers: Several types of plate warmers can be seen in the market these days from stainless steel frame along with aluminum top to models with dual handles. Granite-stone plate warmers are eco-friendly since they take heat from sunlight. Student-friendly plate warmers only need candles under the big hot plates to warm food. Electric plate warmers are a huge hit as it uses an electric heating pad, which warms the plates.

Best investment for home or restaurant: Food warmers previously were synonymous with restaurant cooking. However, the trend is changing now and people have started to use it for domestic purpose since they now know how practical, safe and healthy it is to keep food at stable temperatures than re-heating it several times. No matter where you want to use, it is an ideal investment for both home and restaurant use. Some of the plate warmer manufacturers in the US are:

1. Hatco Corporation in Milwaukee, WI (

Hatco Corporation

Ph: 800-558-0607

2. Wells Manufacturing Co. in Verdi, NV (

Sunnen Drive St. Louis, MO 63143-3800

Phone 1-888-356-5362; Fax 1-800-264-6666

3. Plate warmer (

Waterbridge Inc.

306 Maple Grove Drive

Oakville, Ontario

L6J 4V5

4. Legion Industries, Inc.


Contact: Susan Rigg

Address: P.O. Box 728, Waynesboro, Georgia 30830, USA

Phone: +1-(706)-554-4411; Fax: +1-(706)-554-2035

5. Candle Warmers

P O Box 1024, Layton, Utah (UT), 84041, USA

Ph: 801-771-8650 Fax: 801-771-0579

6. Kairak

500 S. State College Blvd.

Fullerton, CA 92831

Phone: (714) 870-8661; Fax: (714) 870-6473

7. Comet Supply in Hialeah, FL, US (United States)



New Glarus, WI, USA


I hope this list of Top Plate Warmer Manufacturers, you will be able to save yourself from the trouble of heating food over and over again. Know more about what tips to keep in mind before buying a plate warmer.

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Top Plate Warmer Manufacturers