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Essential Baking Equipments For Household Kitchen

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Here is a list of the essential baking equipments for a household kitchen.

If your new passion is baking and think your kitchen is not well equipped for your requirements, don’t worry. Read on and you can make a list of baking equipment that you will need to have in your household kitchen.

Some people spend a lot of money on fancy and expensive baking equipment which is not essential in a household kitchen. You can bake the best of cakes and cookies, pies and puddings with the most basic baking equipment.



Here are some versatile baking equipment that will help you develop your interest and skills in baking at home.

An Oven is the first and most essential heavy duty baking equipment that every household kitchen should have. You can cook but not bake without an oven. There are many different oven models with various specifications. You should buy one depending on your budget and requirement.

Basic Mixing bowls – Basic mixing bowls is a very essential baking equipment, whether commercial or household kitchen. You will need a set of mixing bowls, preferably stainless steel or melamine ones. Oven proof and microwavable pyrex ones are ideal but a little expensive on your pocket. Don’t go for the pretty ceramic bowls, they are quite tedious to work with. You will need a variation in sizes. It is best to have 2 large, 2 medium and 4 small ones in a set.

A Stand Mixer. This may be a bit expensive, but it is really worth every penny as it saves you a lot of physical effort and time. Buy a stand mixer with the three basic attachments which are whisk, dough hook and paddle. This baking equipment is essential for any home baker as it takes care of your mixing, beating, blending, churning and whisking and whipping tasks. You can also go for the electric hand beater or a food processor or wire whisk to help you with these functions.

Knives and cutters - A good set of knives is a chef’s best friend. German or Japanese brands are the best. The blade and handle are in two pieces that are screwed together, rather than a molded knife.

 Baking sheets and Pie plates are basic baking equipment without which you can not bake! Go for the simple aluminum pans and baking trays. It is important that you buy light colored, heavy duty, durable sheets and pans to get good quality bakery products. You don’t need to spend on insulated special bake ware. They are only fancy and more expensive and produce the same quality products.

Liquid and dry measuring cupsBaking is allabout correct measurements. If you add the wrong measure of water, butter, sugar or flour to your products, you can end up with disastrous results. Measuring cups, scoops and spoons for liquid and dry ingredients are must have baking equipments.

Spatulas – You should invest in a collection of spatulas and pallet knifes in a variety of shapes and sizes. These baking equipments are essential for scraping the sides of bowls, mixing light batters, and folding in ingredients in batters.

A dough scraper or bench knife is useful in mixing and manipulating dough, cutting and porting dough. It is also used as a scraper and for cleaning surfaces.

Rolling pin and rolling board – These are baking equipment without which you can not roll out the pastry dough.

A Candy thermometer is essential to make sugar confections and candies. If should not cost you too much but will save you from wasting sugar and other ingredients that need to be heated to specific temperatures. This baking equipment is essential for amateur bakery and pastry chefs!   


The best way to enhance your baking skills is to invest in good quality, basic baking equipment that will last you for a long time and easy to maintain. If your cooking for your family and friends, the above are the essential baking equipments for household kitchen.

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Essential Baking Equipments For Household Kitchen