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Tips To Design An French Country Kitchen

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Tips To Design An French Country Kitchen


French country kitchen ideas are perceived as expensive and elaborate.  However, you will be suprised to know that the elegance of a French country kitchen can be created at a minimal cost.  Some of the best french country kitchen ideas will help you to transform the simplest of the kitchen into a beautiful French country kitchen.


The most basic transformation starts with selecting the palette for your French country kitchen's theme.  In the french country kitchen designs the walls can be in cream color with the faintest touch of gold on the borders.  You can also opt for sunshine yellow, olive green, light pink, or cornish blue.  The cabinets and furniture can be in wood, which can be waxed, unfinished, or ivory.  The curtains and the upholstery can be in natural colors or textured.  You have to make sure that the fabric should not be heavy.  For the napkins and oven mittens printed cotton with flower motifs looks nice.


In a French country kitchen the idea is to use things that are useful and blend in with the surroundings.  Ceramics in palest of pink and blue are a must.  Please ensure that all the bowls or dishes are in rounded shapes instead of edges.  You can have a nice utnesil stand on the kitchen counter to keep the ceramic plates and bowls.  Otherwise you can install wooden shelf to keep the ceramic ware.  the chopping board should be made of wood.  The knife stand should also be made of wood.  The kitchen counter can be in blended wood, finshed or unfinished.  It can also be created out of granite or marble.


Lastly, keeping some herb pots in a French country kitchen is essential.  You can keep a large basin near your window sill with different herbs growing in it.  If your cannot grow it fresh in the kitchen then you can keep fresh or dried herbs.  All the fruits, and vegetables can be kept in woven baskets.  Breads can be kept in woven baskets, which are lined with cotton cloth napkins.  You can add a rustis touch to the containers by writing names of the ingredients in the large containers e.g: Flour, Sugar, Tea, Coffee..etc.


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Tips To Design An French Country Kitchen