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How To Design A Commercial Kitchen

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Your commercial kitchen should be spaciousDesigning and planning out a commercial kitchen requires a lot of skill, knowledge and technique. It is not your regular kitchen with the basic stove, microwave and dishwasher. These kitchens are planned and designed according the kind of cuisine that the restaurant or hotel serves. If the menu is multi cuisine then it makes the planning of the kitchen that much more detailed and complex.


Needless to say you would need to hire the expertise of an architect for this venture. The safety and security of the kitchen for all the chefs who work in it will be planned out by this person as any kind of slack in the design and planning can make the kitchen hazardous for the cooks. They will be constantly working with electrical gadgets, fire, ovens and one can never be too careful in thinking out all safety measures that need to be taken for constructing a commercial kitchen. First and foremost is the ventilation. The kitchen should be built with adequate ventilation according to the codes of the hospitality industry. Its design and construction should be in accordance with health and safety norms.


The area of a commercial kitchen where there is possibility of smoke and steam should have proper ventilation. This ensures the following of laid down health and safety regulations and also adds to the productivity of people working in the kitchen. The staff will be getting an improved environment where they can remain cool and sweat free. This kitchen should obviously have fire extinguishers because of the nature of work that carries on here. The cooks will all be susceptible to fire accidents due to cooking on stoves and using electrical grills. Careful planning and thought should be taken while designing and constructing the commercial kitchen.


The kind of food served is the most important factor that helps in the designing of the commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchen should be installed with the equipment that will be helpful in preparing the food and the expensive kind of equipment should not be bought as it barely gets used. Also if it’s just simple and easy to make food being served in the restaurant there is absolutely no need for the pricey, flashy kitchen equipment. However, this does not mean cheap equipment, definitely get the high quality stuff just not over the top expensive.


Slippery, waxed floors can cause accidents. The space should be roomy and spacious for the chefs and servers and busboys to quickly move around and get their work done in the fastest manner possible without too much crowd. The kitchen is a busy space where it will be dealing multiple food orders at any given time and therefore space is of key importance. Kitchen ideas should always bear these points in mind. So, keep these points in mind while designing a commercial kitchen.


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How To Design A Commercial Kitchen