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How To Use Solar Food-Drying Machine

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Solar food-drying machines are tools for quick drying of food. A Solar food-drying machine can be available in different shapes and sizes at afforable prices. 

Go for a simple and user friendly solar food-drying machine with the basic features which allow quick solar drying of food. 

Essential features of solar food-drying machine are, it should protect against pests and contaminates while the food is in the drying process and it should be easy to clean the machine after use.     

Food dried in solar machines is a great nutritious substitute to other fresh food.     

The solar drying of food is simple and the use of solar food-drying machines has many benefits. Since solar food-drying machine works on solar power we can use it as an economical alternative to an electric drying machine. 

Basically solar food-drying machines are wooden boxes with the glass tops and the food can be placed on screened trays. These trays can be arranged in tiers. They are often painted black in order to improve the absorption of solar-heat. With the help of a solar collector, circulating air enters the drying chamber of the machine. The air enters via natural convection or with the help of a fan. The air heats up as it is drawn through the solar collector into the interior and draws the moisture out of the food and exits the machine.

Solar drying of food can minimize wastage of foods due to spoilage. Drying food is a method of food preservation so that these foods can be enjoyed even when the food is out-of-season. Solar drying of food can be used for a wide range of foods and solar dried food can be enjoyed in either a dehydrated or rehydrated form.     

A solar food-drying machine can be purchased at a price between $15 to more than $5,000. or it can also be home built if you want to try some basic science experiments. 

The three common styles of solar food-drying machines are the tent dryer, the cabinet dryer and the tunnel dryer. In spite of their different sizes and shapes, all solar food-drying machines have the same basic components and they follow the same general process for solar drying of food. 

Solar food-drying machines are usually used to dehydrate foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and grains. Some dairy operations also use solar food-drying machine for producing milk powder. If solar drying of food is performed it can retain the majority of the nutritional value of the food.

Solar food-drying machine is a good tool for producing dried foods in the required quantities. It can produce dried foods in small quantities for personal use or it can also produce dried foods in mass quantities for retail sales. 

So, if you want to have natural dried food use a solar food-drying machine.

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How To Use Solar Food-Drying Machine