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How To Design A Retro Kitchen


Retro kitchen ideas: There’s nothing to match the old world charm in a kitchen in terms of creating a warm atmosphere and working up a good appetite. Unfortunately retro kitchen designs are not very popular as people fear a stark mismatch between the kitchen and the rest of the house. Another issue that makes it difficult to create a retro look in the kitchen is that there are so many modern appliances and they might stand out and not blend with the décor. This however should not discourage you from remodeling your kitchen to reflect a retro style as it is still possible to achieve this look with a few tricks.

One thing to keep in mind is that a retro vibe can be achieved even if you do not completely turn your kitchen upside down. A tactfully selected table cloth or a stout bright vase on the table can do more than you think for the décor. If you have white walls, go for framed prints of vintage newspaper ads. If you are open to repainting try bright colors or even stripes or use bold printed wallpaper. Furniture you select for the dining corner can change a lot. Old wicker chairs around a table with table cloth of a pillow cover prints will spin your dining corner 40 years into the past. Make and print retro style stickers from your computer and stick them on jars in the cabinet that you reuse. Hang a woven basket in the corner and actually use it to store onions, potatoes and garlic. These vegetables don’t need refrigeration. Make a visit to the local flea market and you will be surprised to find innumerable articles you can use for your retro kitchen, a clown face cookie jar, a ceramic flower vase,  recipe book stands, the options are endless. 

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How To Design A Retro Kitchen