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Top Restaurant Glassware Suppliers


Top Restaurant Glassware Suppliers

Good restaurant glassware suppliers are tough to find because of the several conditions they have to meet to sell glassware for home use. A restaurant glassware supplier has several more risks in his business than obvious to customers. In a restaurant the glassware is handled by way too many people than in any other setup, the bartenders, the waiters, the cleaning crewand and last but definitely not the least by the innumerable guests. Moreover the guests who come to a bar are there for the express purpose of drinking and there is a minimum level of carelessness that has to be reckoned with.

As a result restaurant and bar glassware are more prone to breakage and need more replacement than usual. For this your glassware supplier has to be understanding and show the same in terms of lowering prices as you are making wholesale purchases. Here are a few reputed glassware suppliers. They supply Libbey Glassware at wholesale prices. Libbey glassware is a must for every new restaurant/bar. The glasses are elegant yet sturdy and they have the whole range from beer mugs to champagne flutes. The prices are affordable and their transport is very careful. They supply glassware of almost all reputed brands such as bormioli rocco, artland and even libbey. Their collection of stemware is quite comprehensive. As the name suggests, their specialty is prices. This does not compromise the quality of their merchandise. Another service they offer is to personalize your glassware. You can have your restaurant or bar logo printed or engraved onto the consignment of glasses you order.

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Top Restaurant Glassware Suppliers