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Top 5 Cottage Kitchen Ideas

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To get unique cottage kitchen ideas one should visit the English country side and enjoy a home stay over there. The cottage kitchens are nothing but the normal kitchens of any country side cottages. They give you the feel of a doll’s house kitchen. Cottage kitchen ideas and designs are made for floral, bright kitchens.


Some cottage kitchen ideas


  • Cottage kitchens ideas are for houses with a big kitchen space. But it is not difficult to have a cottage kitchen in a smaller place also. The décor can remain the same and only the size differs. It is a good idea to arrange the things in the kitchen in an ornate way. They should not be clustered in one place but nicely arranged all over the kitchen.
  • Use lots of whites, pinks and pastel shades in the kitchen. They give a feel of a bright and yet cosy kitchen. Upholstery, cabinets, walls and decorations should be a part of cottage kitchen ideas. These have to be planned keeping the colours in mind.
  • Use vintage cutleries and crockery. Deciding on varieties of teapots, ceramic and porcelain casseroles, small tea cups and saucers complete the kitchen ideas and designs for a cottage kitchen.
  • Making arrangement for a sitting place inside the cottage kitchen is a must to finish the look of the kitchen. It has to be cosy enough for an evening tea or even a meal. The sitting arrangement should also have the same colour combinations like the upholstery and other things in the kitchen. You can deck it up by placing some floral table cloths and matching cushions.
  • All cottage kitchen designs must have provisions for cabinets and closets, which can  ideally be of vintage style. New modular fittings are out of place in this kind of kitchen. The closets should have plenty of hooks to hang cups, aprons and kitchen towels.


By following these simple tips one can easily turn any kitchen into a cottage kitchen. The style is serene and eclectic.

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Top 5 Cottage Kitchen Ideas