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How To Use A Stoneware Cloche For Baking?

If you want to revive the classics by baking on open fire then using a stoneware cloche will satisfy your desire.

Stoneware baking dishes are made of clay and kiln-fired at high temperatures. Thus, these cooking stones yield highly improvised baking results be it your breads, pizzas, brownies, cookies or even meats.

Let us see as how to use a stoneware cloche for baking:

•    First and foremost, it is imperative to use a cooking spray for the cloche, which is called seasoning of both the base and the bell-shaped top. The cooking spray is used depending on whether the cloche is glazed or unglazed and as per the instructions given in the manufacturer’s  literature .This will ensure that the food doesn’t stick to either of the parts.

•    Moving over to the recipe for baking, prepare the dough according to the directions given in the recipe.

•    Take a parchment paper and cut a size that will just perfectly line the base of stoneware cloche. Keep the parchment paper aside.

•    Now both the oven and cloche have to be preheated together, to use the stoneware cloche for baking. Place the empty cloche in the oven and look up your recipe and the manufacturer’s instructions for preheating temperature and time-setting. The settings have to be in tandem with the literature of the cloche set and the recipe’s directions.

•    Once the oven is requisitely heated, take a potholder and slide out the tray of the oven where the cloche is placed. Remove the lid of the cloche with the potholder.

•    Now the parchment paper, which was cut out is placed on the base of the cloche. And on top of it the dough, which has been shaped up attractively is placed.

•    The lid is put back on the cloche and the oven rack is slid back into the oven.

•    As per the directions given in the recipe, the bread is baked in the cloche for that time and at that temperature.

•    Once the timer beeps, you know that your bread is ready in the typical classic style of being dished out from a brick oven.

Some pointers on how to use stoneware cloche:

•    After every use, the cloche set should be cleaned. But remember cleaning doesn’t mean that you wash the cloche with soap water, as the stoneware is porous the soap particles may just settle down there and leave a remnant on the food baked in the cloche. So, cleaning means just to rinse the stoneware cloche in warm running water.

•    To use stoneware cloche for baking, is to know how to season it first. The cloche set can be seasoned with vegetable oil. Baking high-fat foods during the primary usage is also a good way of seasoning the stoneware.

Use Stoneware cloche for baking...

Not just breads but stoneware cloche can be used for a variety of bakes yielding better results than an oven. With no burns or uneven leveling or leftover uncooked parts of tough meats, the stoneware cloche indeed revives the classicism of the classic dishes baked in the olden days at the same time giving novelty a new twist!

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How To Use A Stoneware Cloche For Baking?