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Tips To Design Galley Kitchen

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Kitchen is an important room of our house and it becomes essential to use the kitchen space efficiently. A galley kitchen design helps to achieve just that. One can make use of galley kitchen ideas anytime .The galley kitchen ideas came into existence in the year 1926 in Frankfurt. This kind of kitchen style is promotes utilization of space in an effective manner.

Here are some of the galley kitchen ideas that will help you make your kitchen better-

  1. The color scheme- Galley kitchen ideas are more suited for smaller kitchens. Color plays an important role in a galley kitchen design. Usage of light and bright shades like mild green, white and baby pink make the kitchen look more spacious. The dark colors make a kitchen look smaller and gloomy.

  2. Cabinets- The galley kitchen ideas include cabinets that are lighter in shade and extend up to the ceiling making the kitchen look tall and spacious. The cabinets imay not reach the ceilings but can be designed in such a way that they look stylish and can be used to place  trays and utensils. The fridge and dish washer are placed behind the cabinets in a galley kitchen design to provide a neater look to the kitchen.

  3. Lighting- Lighting plays an important role in galley kitchen ideas. The lighting from the kitchen doors and windows make the kitchen look spacious. However, if there are no windows or the light is not enough, arrangement of proper lighting is also covered in galley kitchen ideas. White light gives a neater and clearer effect as compared to dull yellow colored lights. The best way to enhance the look of the galley kitchen design is to have a light overhead which spreads to all the corners.

  4. Space utilization- Galley kitchen ideas aim to utilize all the space efficiently. The countertop should be not cluttered and should be free of any appliance. Microwave, oven and mixer should be placed in a cabinet with provision of electricity. These appliances should not be moved from one place to another. The utensils and crockery items which are not needed regularly should be placed on top shelves. Kitchen sink and trash can should be closer together. These are some of the useful galley kitchen ideas to implement.

These were some of the galley kitchen ideas that will enable you to make your small kitchen look spacious and will also ensure more productivity while working.



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Tips To Design Galley Kitchen