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Top 5 Open Kitchen Ideas

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Open kitchen ideas free you from those days when you would be trapped in the kitchen cooking while your husband is enjoying a drink with the guests. To get you out of the seclusion, some new kitchen ideas and designs are becoming a part of our modern day living. Open kitchen ideas are widely accepted as they help you to interact with the other members of your family and friends even when you have not finished your work in the kitchen.


  • The easiest way to create an open kitchen is to take away the concept of a door between the dining area and the kitchen area. This gives a visual effect of a huge dining as well as kitchen space. As a result of bringing the door and the wall down the kitchen becomes an extension of the dining area.
  • When you are planning to have an open kitchen try and give a contrasting colour to your kitchen. This will seclude the kitchen from the rest of the house and give it a distinctive look.
  • It is very important to have a good exhausting system in all open kitchen ideas. When we cook in an open kitchen the smoke and smell spreads all over your dining and drawing room. So, a good exhaust fan or a chimney can help in suctioning the smoke and the smell.
  •  The next thing you need to keep in mind for great kitchen ideas and designs, is the area adjacent to the kitchen. It should have furniture of a darker colour. This helps them not to get spoilt easily from the grease and the dust coming from the kitchen.
  • Think of some good sitting arrangement in all your open kitchen ideas. You can have the arrangement in the middle of the kitchen or on the open side of the kitchen. This is a great idea as you and your family can enjoy a drink while cooking or have a warm and cosy dinner in the kitchen.

The concept of open kitchen has become popular in restaurants also. Now you can keep an eye on what is being cooked, enjoy the sounds of the kitchen as well as get immersed in the smells of the food. So, before a makeover go in for some good open kitchen ideas. 

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Top 5 Open Kitchen Ideas