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Tips To Clean Commercial Cooking Pots

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Use vinegar and baking soda to clean commercial cooking potsCommercial cooking pots are designed for rough use and sturdy enough to withstand high temperatures. So it often becomes very difficult to clean commercial cooking pots. Further, the burnt surfaces, grease and stains also makes the task tougher. So let’s explore how to clean commercial cooking pots so that proper hygiene is maintained during food preparation.


As I said earlier that commercial cooking pots are often made of tough material so they require to be cleaned properly. You can go through the manuals provided with these pots that often mention the detergents that should be used in cleaning commercial cooking pots. If you have purchased the commercial cooking pots from reputed company, then you will also find the methods of cleaning in the manual.


You should always use soapy lukewarm water to clean commercial cooking pots if they don’t have much burnt surfaces. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers and use soft cloth or sponge to clean commercial cooking pots. 


If your commercial cooking pots are made up of aluminium, use vinegar or lemon juice in cleaning them. Fill the quarter of commercial cooking pot with water and boil it. Add three tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar into it and then use scouring pad to clean commercial cooking pots. It’s a very efficient way to get away from the stains on the inside of commercial cooking pots.


Commercial cooking pots of stainless steel sometimes end up with number of burnt spots. You can easily remove this dirt by using baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda over the burnt spots and fill the commercial cooking pot with water and allow it to boil. Allow the boiled water to cool and then clean the stains easily. For better shining on the outer surface of the commercial cooking pots, you can rub alcohol over them. To remove the grease, a mixture of ammonia and warm water will also work wonders.


To clean commercial cooking pots of copper, use your own ketchup. Coat the dirty area with ketchup and wait for 5 to 30 minutes depending upon the amount of stain in your commercial cooking pot. The acid in the ketchup easily wash offs the blot on the surface of the commercial cooking pots. For better results you can also sprinkle salt over the surface and clean the pots with great ease.


These were some of the tips that could make the cleaning of commercial cooking pots bit easier. Whatever be the method, never forget to rinse the commercial cooking pots carefully and dry them before heating or using again.


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Tips To Clean Commercial Cooking Pots