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How To Use Propane Cooktop For Brewing


When my husband got an idea to brew beer at home, one of his friend suggested him to use propane cooktop while brewing. We have had a propane cooktop but that has been used for other purposes. We were not aware that brewing can be done by using propane cooktop.  However, this time we thought to give it a try and brew using a propane cooktop. Before we started brewing, we found out how we can use the propane cooktop for this specific purpose and also what other things need to be kept in mind for the same.


Before using propane cook top for brewing, special attention needs to be paid to the size of the cook top. It needs to be powerful enough to boil three gallons of liquid and also maintain the same temperature for nearly an hour. The capacity of the cook top can be tested by heating three gallons of water in the brewing pot. Make a note of how much time is needed to boil the water and to reach the required temperature.

  • Brewing is very messy. It is advisable to keep the propane cooktop in a place where there is ample space around. While brewing the liquid has a tendency to overflow and thus keeping the cooking surface clear is very essential. Also before starting the brewing procedure arrange all the ingredients near the cooktop. Brewing may not happen properly if you have to run every time to get an ingredient.
  • First you need to boil the water for brewing. Do this on a high heat on your propane cooktop but make sure to turn off the propane cook top as soon the water starts boiling. This is the time when you need to add all the malt extract to the brewing pot. Once the malt extract is mixed thoroughly one can restart the cook top and keep it on a low flame – just enough to supply the malt with the required temperature.
  • The next bit is adding the hop and boiling the wort for the given amount of time. While using propane cooktop at this time, one needs to pay attention that the liquid does not get too heated up, nor should it overflow. Once the wort is heated for the given time, the use of propane cooktop is over.


It is easy and sensible to use propane cooktop for brewing at home. Just make sure the temperature is maintained correctly and the brewing liquid is not overflowing. This will not only spoil the taste of the beer but also spoil your cooktop.


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How To Use Propane Cooktop For Brewing