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What Are The Wood Types To Be Used For BBQ?

The smoked woody flavor wafting an aroma like a breath of fresh air in the deep woody forest, is what  the different wood types for BBQ can give, if used in the right combination, making your smoked meat a treat to eat. Barbeque wood types are, therefore, a chosen pick to be carefully used with the right kind of meat.

Here are the different wood types for BBQ:

•    Apple wood: The wood with a fruity, sweet flavor gels well with poultry and ham. The wood’s flavor is mild by nature.

•    Alder. Go for alder wood for the right smoked woody flavor to enjoy salmon or any other fish.

•    Cherry Wood: Imparts a highly fruity flavor and is generally mild depending upon the age of the wood. With a tinge of sweetness, this wood suits best for poultry, fish and ham.

•    Hickory: Of the wood types for BBQ, hickory is the most popular and is the best used for ribs and red meat. It should not be over used.

•    Maple: Rendering a light and sweet taste, maple woods for BBQ gels well with poultry and ham.

•    Mesquite: Next to hickory, mesquite has a high rating amongst the wood types for BBQ.  The wood shouldn’t be used for larger cuts of meat, though. As the wood can infuse a pungent flavor, care should be taken that this wood is not used for long smoking hours and the ideal method would be to use mesquite in combination with other woods for such purposes.

•    Oak: For larger cuts of meat that require longer smoking time, Oak is the best wood type for BBQ.  The wood imparts a strong smoky flavor and is ideal for making briskets.

•    Grape vines: The wood has a flavor similar to fruit wood and can be used with most meats. It is also very aromatic.

•    Mulberry wood: Quite similar to apple wood, the wood adds a tinge of sweetness and can be used for grilling beef, poultry, game birds and ham.

•    Pear Wood: With a mildly sweet and woodsy flavor, pear wood can give the best smoked flavor to game birds, poultry and pork.

•    Peach Wood: Of the many wood types for BBQ, and with a flavor similar to Pear wood, peach wood can be used for most meats.

•    Plum: Compared to hickory, the flavor of plum wood is milder and sweeter and goes well with most meats.

•    Walnut: Walnut wood imparts a heavy smoke flavor and is best used in combination with the lighter woods such as apple or pecan. The meats used for grilling on walnut woods are the red meat and that of game birds.

•    Birch:  This wood type for BBQ imparts a slightly sweet flavor and is good for poultry and pork.

•    Lilac: For sea food and lamb to taste with a mild smoked flavor, lilac is the wood for barbequing.

•    Almond: If you want a nutty, sweet flavor and a wood type for BBQ, which will go with all meat types then almond wood should be your pick.

•    Pecan: Similar to hickory with a slight fruity flavor, the pecan wood burns cooler compared to other types of wood for BBQ. Pecan is ideal for larger cuts of meat such as pork roast, brisket or even chops , fish and poultry.

•    Lemon:  Tinged with fruit and imparting a medium smoked flavor, lemon wood can be used for beef, poultry and pork.

While most woods are used for BBQ, leaving aside pine and cedar woods, the green woods are not preferred as they tend to ruin your cooker permanently.

The above mentioned are some of the different wood types used for BBQ and they can be used in combinations to get the desired flavor.

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What Are The Wood Types To Be Used For BBQ?