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10 Essential Commercial Catering Equipment

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Essential Commercial Catering EquipmentsCommercial catering equipment is very essential for the success of your commercial catering business. A thorough knowledge of commercial catering equipment can help you to choose commercial catering equipment. Catering equipment commercial ones are many in numbers. Even though there are various commercial catering equipment types meant for different uses, here I am outlining catering equipment commercial that are used for cooking purposes.

1. Bain Marie

Bain Marie is a commercial catering equipment that acts as cooking method as well as utensil. Available in different types and sizes, this catering equipment commercial comes handy for gentle heating of materials or for retaining the warmth of prepared food over a period of time.

2. Commercial Oven Ranges

A commercial oven is an essential commercial catering equipment. This catering equipment commercial is available in both electric and gas versions. These catering equipments come handy for large scale baking of cooking and cakes, which are normally required in commercial catering cooking.

3. Conveyor Toasters

This commercial catering equipment comes handy while toasting 700 to 1400 slices of bread at a single time and hence can be used if you are preparing a toast breakfast for 400-plus people for some wedding or parties.

4. Commercial Contact Grills

This commercial catering equipment is easy to use and clean. You can use commercial contact grills for cooking your food without turning, allowing the food to be so sandwiched. This commercial catering equipment is helpful retaining the natural food juices and hence offering a great taste to the food.

5. Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryer is a commercial catering equipment that you can use for deep frying items in huge quantities. The modern versions of this catering equipment commercial come with a basket for draining the excessive oil and a timer which helps you to set the time.

6. Potato Bakers

A one of its kind of commercial catering equipment, potato bakers help you to treat the taste buds of your customers with the unique aroma coming out of the traditionally and perfectly baked potatoes. This catering equipment commercial helps in retaining the quality of baked potatoes for a longer time.

7. Heated Cupboards

Having a heated cupboard in your essential commercial catering equipment list is necessary as you can keep the plates germ-free and warm by keeping inside these heated cupboards.

8. Salamander Grills

This commercial catering equipment is very similar to you oven, but lacks the front door. The heating elements of a salamander grill are on its top. A salamander grill will be just half of your conventional oven. It is normally wall-mounted and hence saves space.

9. Griddles

A griddle is a commercial catering equipment that comes in both gas and electric version. Griddles can be used for cooking meat and vegetables or keeping your soups warm or even to keep you plates and glasses warm.

10. Soup kettles

Yet another commercial catering equipment worth mentioning is a soup kettle. An all-purpose and efficient commercial catering equipment, a soup kettle can be used for cooking over gas tops for preparing soups, stews, sauces and stocks and also for boiling water.

Along with these commercial equipments, there are others like toasters, coffee makers, dishwashers, knives, spatulas etc which are also essential to complete the commercial catering equipment set. 

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10 Essential Commercial Catering Equipment