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10 Essential Bakery Supplies


Don’t we all love cakes, pastries, cookies and other scrumptious delights that come out of a confectioner’s shop! The thought of making all those goodies at home crosses our minds, but lack of knowledge of the bakery supplies required, dampens the enthusiasm.

The list of bakery supplies for a home baker’s kitchen is not very different from that of a commercial bakery, but yes not that varied or large.

To put together your own inventory at home you need not assemble a long list of bakery supplies, you can start with some basic provisions and add on once you get accustomed to using them.

The first step to baking is measuring. No recipe can be made without doling out the ingredients in exact quantity.

  • For measuring the ingredients, the most basic bakery supply you must have is a measuring cup. Without a measuring cup it will be very difficult to start on any of the recipes as baking requires precision. Another basic requirement for bakery supplies is measuring spoon, which you will use for measuring stuff like baking powder, baking soda, essence etc.
  • Flour sifter is another one of the essential bakery supplies that is a must have to remove the impurities or lumps in the flour so that you can make a smooth batter.

After measuring out the ingredients in required amount, comes the next step of mixing them. For that make sure you have at least 2-3 mixing bowls in different sizes to mix your batter for various dishes. Also you’ll need a whisk or a beater,one of thebakerysupplies required for mixing batter evenly.

  • Moulds of different shapes and sizes are also an essential bakery supply that you’ll need to make those cookies, cup-cakes, muffins etc.
  • rolling pin and a pastry board are bakery supplies required for rolling out dough for pastries, cookies, tarts.
  • Essences in various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, pineapple are also an integral bakery supply used for flavoring the cakes, pastries, and other such goodies.
  • Medium weight Aluminium pans or pans made of tined steel that distribute the heat uniformly are essential bakery supplies.

Apart from all these pots, pans, moulds, there are also a number of bakery supplies which are equally important.

Self-rising flour, baking powder, baking soda, confectioner’s sugar, yeast, vegetable oil, milk—both fresh and condensed, eggs, are elementary to baking various dishes.

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10 Essential Bakery Supplies