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10 New Age Kitchen Gadgets

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This blog will introduce you to 10 new age kitchen gadgets.  Some of these may amaze you with their usefulness whereas others may simply blow you out of your wits. Here goes our take on new age kitchen gadgets:


1. Aroma: This is an aerating pourer from Trudeau. We feel that this is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets because it is used to improve the flavor of wines. It works by injecting air into the wine as you continue to pour them.

Gadget 1

2. Silicone Single Egg Poacher: We couldn’t resist including it into the list because it can deliver perfectly poached eggs. Indeed this is one of the useful kitchen gadgets because it ensures minimum wastage of egg between pan and plate, while poaching.

gadget 2

3. Garlic Press: This is one of the essential kitchen gadgets of the modern times because it saves the time spend on crushing garlic and also saves your hands from becoming smelly.

Gadget 3

4. Hi-Fire Cooking Stove: The Hi-Fire Cooking stove has revolutionized the cooking scene with its utility. It can cook several food items of different quantities at the same time.  We feel this is one apt appliance to be included in this list.

Gadget 4

5. Egg Separator: This useful as well as witty appliance can be useful in separating egg whites and yolk, giving you relief.

Gadget 5

6. Banana Handle: This is one useful kitchen gadget of all time because it saves you from burning your hands. This heat- resistant silicone handle from Fred sticks to utensil handles and makes it easier to stir the food.

Gadget 6

7. Corn Kernel Cutter:  You can rip the corn kernels from the corn using this handy corn kernel cutter.

Gadget 7

8. Cherry Chomper: You would not believe how useful this gadget is unless you use it.

Gadget 8

9. Food Evaporator:   This is one of the most creative kitchen gadgets you will come across. It combines various food ingredients as per your wish and generates syrup out of them.

Gadget 9

10. Egg Cuber: Instead of rounding off the eggs this device will help you to store egg squares easily.

Gadget 10

Hope these kitchen gadgets make your life in the kitchen easier!



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10 New Age Kitchen Gadgets