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10 Essential Kitchenware For A Commercial Kitchen

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Establishing a commercial kitchen can be tougher than you have imagined, especially if it is your first attempt at doing so. One needs to have clear cut ideas about the type of kitchenware and other essentials that have to be a part of a commercial kitchen. If you want to save money on employing professionals for this purpose, we can tell you what is essential in a commercial kitchen.


Kitchenware in commercial kitchen

The kitchenware that you will need in a commercial kitchen largely depends on what kind of kitchen you plan to run. If it is a Chinese kitchen, then what you will need will differ drastically from when it is a Italian place. If it is a pizza corner, then you will need to have a rough idea about the kind of kitchenware you have to look for and for the number of ovens that you need.


In a commercial kitchen, you will ideally need a large freezer. The size of this freezer is at least three times more than the one that is used at home. Also one has to allocate 1/3 of the restaurant space for the commercial kitchen. A small kitchen will not work when you are trying to cook multiple dishes in a minimum period of time.


You will also need mixers and microwaves. These will also be the ones that are specifically made for commercial kitchens, and the sizes and the functionality will vary from the ones that is used for domestic purposes. Do check to see if you want a convection oven or a normal one. You will also have to decide if you plan to go for a completely electric, gas or a combination stove for your commercial kitchen.


Cooking Station

The size of the cooking station will also depend on the kind of work you do. A bakery has little or no use of such a counter, while a restaurant will have more frying and stir frying to do and will take up more space when it comes to cooking stations. The kitchenware used will also vary accordingly.


Another essential part of a commercial kitchen is the dish washer. You will have to set aside space to accommodate this. You will also need to have a rough idea about how you plan to use the space in your commercial kitchen. If the place is too packed and crowded, it will restrict mobility in the kitchen. You will also need to check with the plumber and electrician before installing any thing in your commercial kitchen.


Before you buy kitchenware for your commercial kitchen, check the warranty and the pricing of all items. Also check the energy consumption of each product. While establishing a commercial kitchen you also have to check the lighting and the ventilation systems, as both these are very important while running a commercial establishment.  


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10 Essential Kitchenware For A Commercial Kitchen