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10 Essential Kitchen Appliances

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Setting up a new home and confused about what are those must have kitchen appliances? Read on to be enlightened.


After painstakingly buying things for every room in the house, it is natural that the kitchen list might exhaust you out. But, wanting to cook something impressive, and having none of the necessary appliances for kitchen is even more painful. The basics, we assume, are already a part of your kitchen. That leaves us with some kitchen appliances that will make your life a lot more simpler.



A glass of juice in the early morning is a great way to begin the day, and that is where the juicer, one of the most important kitchen appliances makes its appearance. Blend together a mix of exotic fruits and veggies and make yourself a sweet syrupy juice or a mix them all kinda juice.



Love baking? Then you must absolutely have those kitchen appliances that will help you create some baked wonders. A hands free mixer is a better idea – mix cream, make brownie mixes and cake batter all with just this on kitchen appliances.



When you are in a hurry, and all you have time to make some quick soup, the blender is the key appliance for kitchen. Blend and make perfect smoothies, shakes and soups with this magical kitchen appliances.


Food Processor

One of the most valuable kitchen appliances is the food processor. It will save you from long hours of chopping, dicing, grinding and shredding.. This is one appliances for kitchen that can work in many different ways.


Muffin Cups

Baking muffins and cupcakes can be such a therapeutic activity. Hat is why muffin cups have featured in our list of appliances for kitchen. Now you can easily make muffins without having to hunt for butter papers and aluminum foils. As these muffin cups are made of plastic, they can be easily reused, making it an essential kitchen appliances.


Ice Cream Maker

On hot summer days don't you just love to treat your children to a cup of homemade ice cream? Hygienic, tasty and at the same time absolutely easy to make with the help of a simple kitchen appliances called the ice cream maker.


Popcorn Popper

For those Sunday afternoons when you love to curl up in bed watching a rom-com and munching on a bowl of popcorns. With a popcorn popper, you can easily make a bowl of these. Isn't it one useful kitchen appliances? All you need to do is add a little extra butter.



Is Chinese your favorite weekend meal? These can now be easily made at home using the simple recipes featured in, a wok will be a useful kitchen appliances in this case. After all you do need to sautee those veggies and prepare the tofu.


Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is another important kitchen appliances as it helps save energy and fuel. You cook hassle free dinners on one of these, and though they are kinda slow (that is what they are all about), they are an absolute delight to have in the kitchen.


Rice Cooker

Another one of those discoveries that can be hailed as a homemakers delight. A rice cooker can be used to prepare Indian, Chinese and Thai rice versions and though they take time, they use very little fuel, making it a must have appliances for kitchens.  


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10 Essential Kitchen Appliances