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10 Essential Bar Equipment

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While setting up a bar, it becomes very important to set the entire bar equipment. Here are the top 10 essential bar equipments which should be kept in mind and taken care of-

  1. Bar trays- One of the most essential bar restaurant equipment and accessories is the bar tray. It is the most needed bar equipment for avoiding spillage.

  2. Spirit measure- A bar restaurant can only flourish if the customers are satisfied with spirit content. A spirit measure is an essential bar restaurant equipment that plays a major role in the success of your bar. Select the measures which are easy to use and are accurate.

  3. Blenders and shakers- A cocktail needs to be blended and then served. Therefore it is important to select blenders to solve your purpose of preparing mocktails and cocktails. Move it in fashion and serve your customers well by making use of this bar equipment.

  4. Bottle opener- It is a must have bar restaurant equipment and you should have a good stock of them.

  5. Bottle pourers- This bar restaurant equipment gets easily attached to the bottles and makes the pouring of drinks easier without any spillage.

  6. Cork/screw extractor- To pull the cork out of the bottle, a cork extractor is important and thus a must have bar restaurant equipment.

  7. Knife- Splashing lemon juice is easier when you have a knife to cut the lemons. A small yet very helpful bar equipment.

  8. Ice bucket- Say chill in your bar by keeping a stock of ice bucket and scoops. It is also a not to miss bar equipment.

  9. Wine measuring glasses- These glasses make your job easy and help you to deliver the right quantity. Also, these are needed while mixing wines.

  10. Cocktail Accessories- Last but not the least, these bar equipment comprises of straws, stirrers and garnishing items.

A well-equipped bar gives the customers  a good drinking experience and thus becomes profitable for the owner.


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10 Essential Bar Equipment