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10 Essential Commercial Bakery Supplies


A list of commercial bakery supplies for your new bakery is not very difficult to draw out. Imagination is the key to select your commercial bakery supply. You just have to imagine the skeletal process of preparing a baked dessert and extrapolate on the equipment you’ll need at each step. The difference between home baking and commercial baking is of course scale and this difference should reflect in your inventory.

Measuring: This is one step that distinguishes regular stove top cooking from baking significantly. The reason being that once in the oven you can’t taste and sample the dish and adjust the ingredients as you would on the stove top. You need equipment to measure weight as well as volume.

Measuring cups: For measuring liquids it is preferable that you buy ones with metric and US measurements so you don’t spend time converting recipes.

Measuring spoons: These are usually available as sets. You will need a set that has a tablespoon, a teaspoon, half teaspoon and a quarter teaspoon. Modern ones even include a one-eighth teaspoon. Keep at least two sets so you don’t have to interrupt with washing.

Kitchen scales: Depending on your budget you can acquire a digital or an analog scale. The market has really small and compact ones to offer.

Mixing: Evenly mixing ingredients when required is essential to a smooth product. Lumps in a cake are never good news.  You need at least…

  • A stand mixer: A stand mixer is better than a hand-held one for a commercial setup as they have larger bowls and heavy duty attachments.
  • Wire whisks: For smaller volumes and mixtures that need to be “mixed until just combined” and recipes that shouldn’t get too much air into the mixture like flans and cheesecakes.
  • Rubber spatula: There’s a reason why this little device deserves a special mention in a commercial setup. It helps you minimize wastage significantly. Two extra minutes spent in scraping down the cookie dough can reduce your costs more than you might imagine.

Bakeware: One of the most difficult things to decide upon because the options are literally countless. Invest wisely. There’s nothing more wasteful than a castle cake mold, a car cake mold and Mickey Mouse cookie cutters sitting on the shelf when most of your demand comes from cafes and restaurants in colleges.

  • Cake pans: A few round and rectangular ones. For the one odd car cake order you can just carve.
  • Loaf pans: Invest in some with a slicer.
  • Cookie sheets: Buy light colored ones. The darker ones heat up quicker and brown your cookies too fast.
  • The Oven: One of the biggest investments but also the most important ones. Too big and you’ll run up a high electricity bill. Too small and you’ll delay orders. Ideally buy two small to medium sized ones so you can use just one if low on orders.


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10 Essential Commercial Bakery Supplies