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How To Set Up A Small Home Bar

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Lot of planning and execution is required to set up a small home bar. When you set up a small home bar remember that you can can enjoy the luxury of stocking various drinks and enjoying them in the cool comforts of the house. A pool side party or any small celebration. Setting up a home bar will help you to offer your guests with a good choice of drinks.

Setting up home bar requires lot of planning. Start with a budget. A budget will help decide the size of the house bar.

Next, select an ideal location to set up a small home bar. An ideal location to set up a small home bar would be in the living room. Choose a corner in the living room. The home bar should not be too big and occupy a lot of space in the living room.

Then identify the furniture to go along with the home bar and the living room. Good elegant furniture pieces can be placed near the bar and the accordingly select the furniture for the rest of the living room. One or two bar stools can also be placed near the counter. Again, having stools near the counter depends on the availability of space to set up a small home bar. Stools made of oak and maple goes well with home bars.

Lighting also is an important element in setting up home bar. The lighting needs to be soft near the home bar. Soft lights add more elegance to the bar in the house.

Choose a good wooden tabletop for the bar. Paint the wooden table. Otherwise, if you would like to go in for a woody feeling, apply varnish or polish the wooden table. The table is an important part in setting up home bar. This gives a shape to the home bar. Usually, polished oak or cherry tabletops are popular to set up a small home bar. A good storage counter is also required to set up a small home bar.

Once the table is set, choose a good refrigerator. There are refrigerators that cater to house bars and have good temperature controls. Tuck the refrigerator underneath the wooden table. Place it at a side that is convenient to open.

In the refrigerator, neatly arrange juices, sodas, wines, champagne and water. The appearance should be organized.

Now decorate the counters and shelves of the home bar. This adds color to the home bar. Invest in some good crystal glasses of different sizes and arrange them in the shelves. A good set of fine glasses are required to set up a small home bar.

On the counter, place a jigger, shaker, bottle opener, wine opener and an ice bucket. Also, arrange some napkins.

Next on one side of the table have a few snacks such as nuts, chocolates, gums, chips, candy bars and other treats you would like the guests to have. To set up a small home bar, good snacks and treats are essential.

Get ready to set up a small home bar of your choice and stock up with good drinks.

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How To Set Up A Small Home Bar