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10 Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If cooking is your passion, then you would definitely love to own at least a single commercial kitchen equipment in your home kitchen. A commercial kitchen equipment need not necessarily be different from those kitchen equipments that you use in a normal day cooking, but most of us feel that commercial kitchen equipments are something really different. Yes, the size of a commercial kitchen equipment will be quite larger than the ones you use in your kitchen. Such commercial kitchen equipment will come handy when you have a party back at your home.



So, do you know what the essential commercial kitchen equipments are? Let us have a look at, what I feel, can be an essential commercial kitchen equipment.

1. Knives

Knives are the most important commercial kitchen equipment. Lack if the right knives and you will find yourself amidst a complete mess. The knives that form commercial kitchen equipments should be chosen according to cuisine, even though there will be some catering to all the cuisines. Get a thorough knowledge about the different types of knives and then chose the best of this commercial kitchen equipment.

2. Stainless Steel

You can get the commercial kitchen equipment suiting your needs in stainless steel, along with sinks, hand basins, trolleys, containers and so on to complete the commercial kitchen equipments list.

3. Toasters

A toaster can prove to be the most used commercial kitchen equipment. There will be dishes which can be prepared only after you use the toaster first. So, this should be a top priority when you purchase the commercial kitchen equipments.

4. Ovens

Ovens come in various forms like microwave oven, Oven-Toaster-Griller, convection oven, plate warmer, pie warmer and many more. You need to choose the right type of commercial kitchen equipment so render a professional touch to your cooking. Since each oven has its own functionality, understanding the functions of the oven types is a must before purchasing this commercial kitchen equipment.

5. Refrigerator

You cannot imagine a day without refrigerator. It has become a part of parcel of your kitchen. That is why it grabs a vital spot as the essential commercial kitchen equipment. A proper commercial refrigerator is essential for storing your excess stuff as well as cooling. Choose from various commercial refrigerator options like counter top fridges, upright fridges and bench fridges.

6. Blenders

Blenders are important commercial kitchen equipments as they help you in processing an exotic liquid in a swift manner. A commercial kitchen remains incomplete without a blender as it can be used in the various stages of preparing a dish.

7. Heavy Duty Mixer

A Heavy Duty Mixer is a commercial kitchen equipment that will come handy when preparing a food mix of varying consistencies. The higher horsepower and enhanced sturdiness makes this ideal as commercial kitchen equipment.

8. Pots and pans

Even though I don’t have to exclusively talk about the pots and pans being among the essential commercial kitchen equipments, you should remember to own pots and pans for various sizes and shapes to meet varying requirements.

9. Measuring cups

 Not to be mentioned, measuring cups play a vital role in a commercial kitchen. Whether it is for baking a cake or preparing a mocktail, absence of this commercial kitchen equipment can prove to be really rough for you.

10. Dish washer

Last, but not the least, let me remind you that dish washer should be considered as an essential commercial kitchen equipment. Once you cook and serve, you will need this commercial kitchen equipment to clean the mess and disinfect your vessels before the next use.

This is a very short list of what should be your commercial kitchen equipments. There are a lot of other things which can be part of your commercial kitchen equipment set including chopping boards, cutleries, canisters, thermo flasks, water cooler, a portable wine cellar, various types of frying pans, saucepans etc.

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10 Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment