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How To Maintain A Flask For Years To Come

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Maintaining a flask whether or not you use it regularly shows how good a homemaker you are. Maintain a flask with these tips on How To Maintain A Flask For Years To Come.

Why do you need to maintain a flask? Some of us may wonder why we give so much emphasis on maintaining a flask even when we are not using it regularly. Even when we do not use the flask, dust gathers on it and when we use there could be the risk of rust or stain. Regular cleanliness will help you use a flask for many years.

How to maintain a flask? There is no rocket science in maintaining a flask. All you need is rubbing alcohol, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, cloth and torch. The process of maintaining a flask hardly takes five minutes.

Step 1: First step in maintaining a flask calls you to use a torch and direct its light into the flask to check for dust, rust or stain. If you find any unwanted object or stain on it, pour a few drops of white vinegar into it and close it for a maximum of two hours. Vinegar helps you in removing the rust and maintaining a flask for years to come.

Step 2: Second step in maintaining a flask is rinsing it with water to remove the vinegar from it. But vinegar’s strong smell is likely to remain in the flask if you do not wash it with bicarbonate of soda. Add three tablespoons of soda along with boiling water into the flask. Keep this mixture for nearly two hours to remove any strong smells from it. Isn’t it easy to maintain a flask?

Step 3: Maintaining a flask doesn’t end here. Now clean the flask again to remove the elements of bicarbonate of soda. Use a cloth to dry both the inner and outer sides of the flask. Now, fill the flask with the choice of your beverage, lock it and store it at a safe place.

Additional tips: In order to prevent sticky buildup inside the flask, use a separate clean cloth to wipe its mouthpiece. This will help you maintain a flask successfully for a longer time period if you empty the liquid from it after every three days. If you have kept alcohol in the flask, you need to shake it with the mixture of baking soda and water and rinse it well. Dry it out later. Find out how to store alcohol in a flask. Keep it in a cabinet away from moisture if you are not using it.

With these simple tips on How To Maintain A Flask For Years To Come, I hope maintaining a flask will be an easier job for you in the future.

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How To Maintain A Flask For Years To Come