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How To Use An Oxo Salad Spinner

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Through this blog we aim to tell you about - how to Use an Oxo Salad Spinner?   By using an Oxo Salad Spinner you can clean and retain the freshness of your greens. Many product reviews suggest that the Oxo Salad Spinner is real fun to use and aids you in creating tasty and crunchy salad greens.  Here is how to use an Oxo Salad Spinner:

Oxo Salad Spinner comes with a huge, clean, heavy-duty plastic bowl, which measures about 10 ½ inch in diameter and measures about 6 inch in height. The bowl is lined with white plastic open weave basket and is fitted with pump action lid.

  • Before you use an Oxo Salad Spinner it is important to wash your greens under running water.  After rinsing the salad greens, place it in a clear plastic bowl within the basket and cover the basket with the lid. After covering the lid set the pump action on the lid.

The pump top is fitted with simple locking tab, which compresses the push-down pump and flushes the lid for storage. The lid can be unlocked by sliding the lock back. The pumper present in the lid comes up and spreads over the lid at the height of 3 inch.

  • In order to use an Oxo Salad Spinner you need to press on the pumper.  The basket present inside the bowl spins and squeezes the water out of the greens thereby cleaning it. The water extracted from the green, gets collected in the bowl. While using an Oxo Salad Spinnerdon’t forget to squeeze the pumper for few more times because the centrifugal force exerted by it will help to extract the water from greens. But you need not to push the pumper more than four to six times.

The pumper present in the lid has rubber – like non-slip top which needs to be thrust down. The great thing about using an Oxo Salad Spinner is that unlike other salad spinners the pumper is very easy on the hands and easy to thrust too. If you use an Oxo Salad Spinner, then you don’t need to worry about technical details because every action is designed to go smooth. The basket within the salad spinner spins smoothly and quietly.  You can stop the spinning by pressing the brake button present on the top of the lid.

The bowl of the spinner has non-skidding surface, which helps bowl to stay steady when the basket spins.  Once you are done with the spinning take out the greens from the basket and empty the extracted water from the bowl.   One of the potential benefits of using an Oxo Salad Spinner is that you can store your vegetables within the bowl of the spinner for some days.  We would recommend that you use an Oxo Salad Spinner because it is very light and doesn’t require any batteries or electricity.


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How To Use An Oxo Salad Spinner