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How To Use Cast Iron Tea Pots

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You can use cast iron tea pots to brew tea. When you use cast iron tea pots, handle it very carefully so that it can be used for a longer period. The cast iron tea pots are heavy duty and have an enamel coat inside. The enamel coat prevents heat from escaping and the tea remains warm. Let us see the wyas of using cast iron tea pots.

As mentioned earlier, the use of cast iron tea pots is not for making tea, but for brewing tea. To boil water, cast iron tea kettles are used. Iron kettles are specially designed to boil water on stovetops.

Use cast iron tea pots carefully and they will stay with you for a life time. Using cast iron tea pots on stovetops or in microwaves in strictly not allowed. 

For a first time use, pour some warm water in the pot. Gently rinse and remove water. Wipe with a soft cloth when the pot is warm. The pot must be dry.

Hot water must be transferred from another source. Using cast iron tea pot on stovetops must be avoided as this will damage the enamel coat inside the pot.

Place tea or tea leaves inside the pot, and pour warm water. 

Each tea such as green tea has a different steeping temperature. 

Once the steeping is done transfer the tea to a serving pot.

Next remove the tea or tea leaves from the pot.

Retaining tea or water in the pot for longer time may cause formation of rust. Clean the pot, dry with a towel and place it upside down.

While cleaning always use a soft sponge or dish soap. Do not scratch the interiors of the tea pot.

To use cast iron tea pots for a long time, do not place it in the dishwasher.

Frequent use of cast iron tea pots may result in tea residue to build up near the spout and rim. In such cases, do not scratch. Use salt and olive oil to remove the residue.

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How To Use Cast Iron Tea Pots