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What Tools Are Required To Cut Fish Heads

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After buying a fresh full size fish from the market, it is very important that you clean and cut the fish properly. But, before cutting the fish, you must know what tools are required to cut fish heads. Appropriate tools are extremely important for cutting the fish head easily and correctly. Fortunately, you can easily get most of the required tools in your home kitchen. Just take a look, following  tools are required to cut fish heads: 

1. Cutting Board

Cutting board is one the basic things used in kitchen. And you will need a solid cutting board ready before you start preparing the fish. It is not only useful, but also extremely safe for cutting and chopping fish including the head. By using a nice cutting board, you can easily press down the fish to break in to pieces. Further, a cutting board also protects the counters of your kitchen from knife scratches.

2. Cleaver

You must have a cleaver if you cook non-vegetarian food regularly at home. These are the perfect knives for cutting the fish head. It has a special blade that is capable of cutting through the flesh and fish bone. Also, be careful while handling cleavers as they are heavy and extremely hard to handle. Cleavers are considered the best choice of knives when it comes to making some pan dressed fish or fish steaks.

3. Fillet Knife

There are various types of knives available in the market to cut the fish with different style. Fillet knife is a very sharp knife that is mainly preferred for gutting or filleting the fish. Most of these recipes usually have the fish had connected with the fish body. So, the fillet knife is very useful in that regard. Also, this knife is known for its extra sharp edges that are perfect to cut the fish with accuracy.

5. Scaler & Pliers

Last but not the least, you must be handy with simple tools such as Scaler & Pliers while starting with cutting the fish. Scaler is important for removing the fish scales and pliers will assist you in removing the fish skin during cleaning.

These tools mentioned above are the answers of the question we usually ask, what tools are required to cut fish heads. Now that you know, you must try cutting the fish yourself at home.

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What Tools Are Required To Cut Fish Heads