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How To Use Garlic Peeler Tube

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Use garlic peeler tube and save your time in cookingIf you love garlic then you might be using it in various food preparations. While using garlic you must have faced problems in peeling the garlic cloves because it is a very time consuming process and we often end up with strong odor on our hand. So it’s advisable to use garlic peeler that removes the skin of garlic within a few seconds. Various types of garlic peelers are available in the market and irrespective of the brand and designs they have been found very useful in peeling garlic very easily. It is often said that using garlic peeler has reduced the time of cooking and thus become a lifesaver for women.


So, if using garlic peeler is so easy, let’s see how to use garlic peeler tube and save the time as well as hand.


  • Take one head of garlic and remove a clove from it.


  • Put the garlic clove on the cutting board and remove the bottom part of the garlic clove by using a knife.


  • After this you have to use garlic peeler to peel the skin of the garlic clove.


  • Before using garlic peeler tube make sure it is clean. Place a garlic clove inside the peeler and apply a little pressure with hand while rolling it back and forth on the cutting board.


  • If you use garlic peeler in this manner you will hear a crushing noise which will indicate that the garlic has been peeled off.


  • Now you can take out the peeled garlic from the garlic peeler tube and use it in preparing foods.


Thus if you use garlic peeler, you will enjoy your cooking more.


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How To Use Garlic Peeler Tube