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How To Fill A Hip Flask

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How to fill a hip flask – well; it is really not that simple, as you might think. Filling a hip flask involves high chance of spilling, which means all your priced alcohol has gone to waste. So, you have to be little careful to fill a hip flask. Here I am going to present you two simple processes for filling a hip flask, which will definitely make the filling much easier.


Process 1

The most common procedure to fill a hip flask is by using a small funnel. When you buy the hip flask, you should not miss to buy a small funnel too. Using the normal household funnel may not be right solution, as it might not fit the opening of the hip flask or it might be too big in comparison to the hip flask. So, a small funnel is most necessary for pouring the liquid. Now, when you have a small funnel, the task of filling a hip flask becomes a little easier. However, be careful to pour the liquid slowly into the funnel without overfilling it. Once the funnel gets filled, stop pouring and wait till the funnel transfers the liquid into the flask. Also, carefully listen to the sound of pouring liquid, so that you know when the flask is almost filled. You can also check the level by removing the funnel from the opening and peek in through it, occasionally.


Process 2

This process is another every day option to pour any liquid into a container with small opening. In this process, you should place the hip flask on a clean large bowl. By holding the hip flask firmly with one hand, you should use the other hand to pour the alcohol from the bottle. You can also use both your hands to hold the bottle, when the flask is firmly standing on the bowl. To start filling a hip flask, bring the opening of the bottle close to the opening of the hip flask. Slowly start pouring and don’t worry about the spillage, because, in case of any spillage it will be collected in large bowl and will not get wasted. You can once again pour that liquid back into the bottle. Initially, there might be some difficulty in this process; however, with practice you can be an expert in filling a hip flask without spilling a single drop of drink out of the hip flask.


Whatever process of filling a hip flask you chose, the only suggestion would be to concentrate on the work during the pouring part. In case, you don’t concentrate while pouring, there is high chance of overfilling.


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How To Fill A Hip Flask