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10 Things You Should Know About Your Knife

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You should clean your knife dailyHere are 10 things you should know about your knife. For food enthusiasts who do a lot of slicing and dicing, chopping and cutting, these tips will prove very beneficial to them. It pays to know all about the qualities of a good sharpened knife.


1. Daily Care

Amongst the top ten things to know about your knife is to wash your knives one at a time rather than throwing them into the dishwasher with your other cutlery. It's important to dry them out in the appropriate storage container as well. For optimal results it's best to hand wash your knives but if you simply hate hand washing, remember to lay the knife flat when placing it in the dish washer.


2. Invest in a Chopping Board

There's a reason why these are sold in the market. Buy a couple of them, remember to keep the one you use for your meats separate and of course wash them out carefully after each use. You will get better use of your knife by using a chopping board plus it makes chopping easier as well.


3.Keep the Knife Sharp

The safest knife is a sharp one as it easily glides through the food, doesn't require much force and minimizes chances of hurting yourself. To keep the blade sharp never cut of ceramic, glass or metal surfaces. As soon as you notice the edge becoming dull, use a sharpener from the manufacturer to bring it's edge back.


4. Find a Knife That Suits You

There are several kinds of knives you can find in the market today. There's the boning, carving, chef, bread, paring etc. None of these maybe suitable for what you need in your kitchen. Think about what you need your knife for the most and get one accordingly.


5. Edge of a Knife

 Every kitchen needs a recessed and straight edge. These are the must haves so invest a couple of good quality ones.


6. Storing Your Knives

Featuring 6th in the Top 10 things to know about your knife is Storage. Keep knives in their proper form, sharp and strong by hanging them on a wall, or in trays that fit in drawer. 


7. Knife Handles

How the handle of the knife is designed affects it's safety and comfort level. Pick a handle that has been well designed, fits in the shape of your hand and has a good grip while you chop. The handle should be smooth and designed ergonomically.  


8. Knife Safety

Always carry a knife with it's point facing downwards. This is especially important if you are working with others in the kitchen or have kids in the house.



9. Professional Sharpening 

 In order to keep the knife sharp and remove dull pieces of metal, get your knives sharpered professionally once a year.


10. Price

The cost of a knife is a good indictaion of how good the knife is. The better knives will of course have more expensive blades. It is best to always go with a well known manufacturer than cheaper knife sets as they will last longer.


I hope the abovementioned  top 10 things to know about your knife was a useful read. Now be wise when shopping and selecting a knife so that your cooking becomes easy and comfortable.


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10 Things You Should Know About Your Knife