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How To Lubricate A Pasta Maker

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Does your pasta maker squeak? Then, its time for your to learn how to lubricate a pasta maker. Making pasta at home has been fun but after using pasta maker for some time one should look at maintaining pasta maker as well.


Another sign that calls for lubricating pasta maker is discolored pasta. When the pasta coming out of the pasta maker is discolored you must think of oiling pasta maker. And if you want your pasta maker to last long then you will have to lubricate a pasta maker periodically.


Some pretty simple tips to lubricate a pasta maker. Before you lubricate a pasta maker it needs to be cleaned.  


  1. Dismantle the pasta maker by pulling every possible piece from the track.
  2. Use a brush to clean the pasta maker from inside. Clean each and every piece using a brush. A bush is extremely effective in removing debris from even the smallest groove.
  3. Ensure that the brush you use for cleaning is dry because water can rust the pasta maker.
  4. Also avoid washing or cleaning with detergent as the pasta maker will get rust by doing so.
  5. After cleaning, start lubricating pasta maker. Use mineral oil for lubricating pasta maker.
  6. Look for the cutting rollers inside the pasta maker, locate their ends and drop 2-3 drops of oil on both the ends.
  7. After lubricating pasta maker, reassemble the parts.


As you lubricate a pasta maker, the squeak sound disappears and the pasta maker works smoothly for some more time.


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How To Lubricate A Pasta Maker