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How To Asssemble A Propane Fish Fryer

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Before actually buying the fish fryer in the house, I had no idea about how to assemble a propane fish fryer. However, I got used to the process of assembling propane fish fryer while handling this. A propane fish fryer is very handy and efficient item to invest on. Due to its small size, you can carry it easily along with you while you are on move. Particularly, the blue flame of propane is very effective for perfect frying of the fish.

When you will go to buy the propane fish fryer, you will find that the oven is already pre-assembled. You will also get the instructions to operate the fish fryer. The only thing you will require to do is to connect the oven with the propane tank. For the first time, you can ask any technician to perform this in front of you. The process is quite easy and it will take seconds to learn and apply. In fact, if you ask the storekeeper to give a demonstration on the total process, they will gladly do that.


You have to buy the propane tank separately, as this is not included with the burner. When you have the propane tank ready, you have to follow these simple steps to complete the procedure for assembling propane fish fryer.


Step 1: The burner will be connected to the tank with a pipe and a valve. These accessories will be fitted with the oven of the propane fish fryer. The only thing you have to do is to attach the valve with the propane tank. Attach the valve tightly, so that there is no chance of leakage, when the oven is burning.


Step 2: In the next step, you have to open up the valve for lighting the burner. But don’t open the valve to its full. This will burn up all the propane of the tank much faster. A little opening will be sufficient to burn the oven and to fry the fish. This way, you will also save propane.


Step 3: As soon as, you turn on the valve, start igniting the lighter keeping it close to the propane fish fryer oven. If you wait for some time to light the burner, some amount of propane will get wasted. Also, be careful while lighting the oven. Don’t lean on the oven, while doing this; as you might get affected by the blowing fire. Always use a lighter with a long handle to light the oven, so that you can stay safe.


Step 4: You still have one more thing to do to complete the process of assembling propane fish fryer. Whenever you light the oven, it may not have the blue flame as expected. You need to adjust the air knob of the propane fish fryer to make the flame blue. Slowly adjust the knob, until you see that the color of flame has completely changed to blue. Now, it is ready for you to start frying fish.



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How To Asssemble A Propane Fish Fryer