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How To Use Your Non-Stick Cookware

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Non-stick cook wares are used in almost all the kitchens, but not all know the perfect method of using  non-stick cookware.  You don’t believe it? Even I did not, until one of my friends shared the tips on how to use your non-stick cookware in a right way.

And here I am, sharing the same with you. But before that I would like to tell you about non-stick cookwares in general.

A nonstick cookware is actually coated with Teflon, and thus is also referred as Teflon coated cookware. This cookware has made news many a times, because of their links to cancer causing particles and gases. However, as per Robert L. Wolke, professor emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh, these pans are safe till the time they are not over heated.

Here are some tips related to various aspects of a non-stick cookware-

Know your cookware- If you have bought a new non- stick cookware, make sure you read all the instructions provided along with it before using your cookware.

Using for the first time- When using a new non-stick cookware, rinse it with water first, then dry it and wipe it with a soft towel. Then preseason your new non- stick cookware by putting a little oil on its surface.

Greasing- People usually feel that no oil is needed to cook in nonstick pans; however, a little oil is needed to grease the surface, every time before you cook.

Heating- Always use your non-stick cookware at a medium or low heat. Never ever overheat it as it can be dangerous.  Overheating can also burn the food and can crack the Teflon coating.

Turning and tossing- Also, for turning the food items make use of a wooden spatula. Usage of metal and sharp objects should be avoided.

Cleaning- After the food is ready and served, before cleaning the pan, keep it aside for few minutes and allow it to cool. While cleaning, to prevent damages, use a soft scrub instead of plastic or metals scrubs.

Oh! Did you just realize that you were not using your nonstick cookware properly? But where are you going? To buy a new one.

Take this last tip- Buy a heavier piece of nonstick cookware rather than a cheap, lightweight version.

Happy cooking!

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How To Use Your Non-Stick Cookware