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How To Reuse Fryer Grease

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How to reuse fryer grease or fryer oil, the question pops many a times in our minds. Though fried stuff is relished by all, the amount of oil used in deep frying makes us think twice before heading towards the fryer.

Frying in deep fryer would become an interesting task if one knows how to reuse fryer grease.

So here is a way out whereby you can reuse your fryer grease and bring it into use a number of times. But first of all we have to ascertain whether the fryer grease we have is reusable or not.

 To reuse or not to reuse

The fryer grease left after frying chips, donuts and other similar stuff can be reused. However, the grease left after frying the food with strong onion and garlic taste should not be reused for frying sweet stuff.

Also, after frying non vegetarian food such as meat, chicken or fish, the fryer grease should be disposed.

 Steps to reuse the fryer grease

Whenever you fry and want to reuse the fryer grease, strain the used fryer grease with the help of a cheese cloth. Strain the grease holding the cheese cloth on the top of the container in which you want to store the oil. Once the grease is free from crumbs and other particles, it can be reused for frying. In case, you do not have a cheese cloth, you can also strain it through a coffee filter. Follow the process similar to cheese cloth. Store the fryer grease for next use by closing the lid tight.

So now, you have strained fryer grease ready for reuse. But the other very important aspect before reusing is to know if the oil is rancid or not. Rancid oil is harmful for the health as it contains free radicals which can be carcinogenic. Hence, you should dispose the rancid oil.

 How to ascertain the rancidity

Understanding about the smoke point is very crucial before reusing the fryer grease. Temperature at which the oil rots is called the smoke point. Different oils have their own smoke point. Each time the fryer grease is reused, the smoke points lowers. So when you reuse the  grease and one fine day, the grease either produce smoke fumes that burns your eyes or produces a bad odor, discard the oil that very moment.

Preferably fryer grease should be reused only once or twice.

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How To Reuse Fryer Grease