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Do You Want To Create A Caveman's Kitchen

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Everyone is busy marching into the 21st century armed with gadgets and gizmos building kitchens that even have robots in them. The latest craze on the market finds its way into the kitchen and you are surrounded by shiny appliances that make the kitchen a luxury.

Wait! Do you want to create a caveman’s kitchen? Now you are wondering why you would ever want to go back to the cavemen days when you have life easy and a cooking ritual that is so fluid and easy. Behold the latest trend! It is back to caveman’s kitchen and you don’t want to be left out of the newest craze. It is not only fun but maybe cheaper and healthy too if you have the inclination.

In those ancient days creative thinking was the mother of all inventions. With no refrigerators, ovens or utensils whatever served the purpose worked out fine. Being nomads they did not need to lug them around so ‘use and throw’ worked well with the tools and cooking aid. There is already a ‘Caveman Power Diet’ that could be tried so giving caveman tools and gadgets a try might be a fun thing to do.

Caveman Tools: Heavy-duty, hand held power tools are in and they are certainly cheaper, more durable giving that earthy feel. Since Stone Age the tools were improvised and made from rocks and fashioned out of stones and tree parts. The blades were sharp on one side and used for all purposes. These have now made a come back and made very appealing in their appearance too.

Mortar Pestle: From flour mills of the stone variety we have come a long way to modern gadgets the microwave oven taking the cake with its technology. The blenders and grinders add to the variety. Despite all this the ancient form of pestle and mortar still retains its charm and is used in several parts of the world even today. This is making a comeback into the kitchen.

Baking Stone: Hot stoves are good for baking. Making your own large stove oven is good at conducting heat energy giving crunchy, crispy crusts for Pizzas and breads. Here is a tutorial for making one of your own flower pot smoker for home.

Meat Cleaver: This might sound really pre-historic and straight from a psycho thriller. This one is efficient and very useful for chopping up chicken or ribs.

Smoker: In those days no fridge or other gizmos was used for preserving food. Smoking food is one way to extend the life and flavor of food and its shelf life too. This technique can be done hot or cold. With the hot method one cooks food for longer period of time at low temperature. The hot method is preserving meat and adding flavor without cooking the food.

Spit Roast: A convection oven cooks even on heat. The smell of slow roasting meat adds to the gastronomic delight and adds to the quality family time. Chicken and pot roast would do well with the spit roast.

 So may be this coming year you could think of investing in re-vamping the kitchen into a caveman’s kitchen to touch base with all the primitive and utilitarian kitchen needs.

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Do You Want To Create A Caveman's Kitchen