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How To Use & Clean A Tomato Strainer

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It is important to learn how to use & clean a tomato strainer so that you do not have any kind of difficulty in using it whenever you wish. Making tomato sauce on an everyday basis is a very tedious task, but when you use a tomato strainer, your work is a little simplified. This strainer is mainly used to separate the pulp of the tomato from its seeds and skin, so that the process of making tomato sauce becomes easier. If you wish your strainer to give you the best results, you need to keep it clean always. If you do not know how to clean a tomato strainer, it is recommended that you learn it soon.


Here are some easy tips on using and cleaning a tomato strainer, whenever you use it to strain tomatoes which you have prepared.

  • You will need to setup the tomato strainer on your kitchen counter or table when you are using it. This ensures minimization of spill caused by the strainer.
  • You should always clean the tomatoes before you start using the strainer, so that particles do not stick to the strainer which is actually unwanted.
  • Do not try to strain too many tomatoes at once, because it shall put undue pressure on the strainer and it can fail you. Try straining little quantities of tomatoes, so that your straining process is smooth.
  • If your tomato strainer is electrically operated, you need to plug it into the outlet or else you have to fit it well before using it or cleaning on the table edge. You have to be careful when you use or clean a tomato strainer and ensure that the strainer is well fitted into the table and it does not shake vigorously while you are using or cleaning it.
  • When you are using the tomato strainer, keep a bowl nearby where all the tomato pulp can accumulate. This is a step on how you can clean a tomato strainer. If you do not keep a bowl nearby, the whole place shall be messed up and you will find difficulty in cleaning the whole set up too.
  • While cleaning a tomato strainer, if you find that some uncooked tomatoes are still stuck in the strainer, you can clean them by putting them under warm water. This shall remove all small portions of the tomatoes which cling to the surface of the tomato strainer. In case you find that there are still some tomatoes attached, you can just lightly pull if off or cut off the pieces with the help of a knife.

However, you just need to remember that while cleaning a tomato strainer, do not use harsh chemicals, as many people do. These might clean the strainer but it shall leave behind some chemicals which shall get mixed into the next set of tomatoes. 


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How To Use & Clean A Tomato Strainer