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How To Learn Great Knife Skills

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The first step towards learning cooking or becoming an expert chef, requires developing knife skills. As a home chef you will need to figure out, how to learn great knife skills because there won’t be any specific class for it as provided to students in culinary schools. There are many ways of learning knife skills, you just need to find the best way suitable for you and then start practicing.  So here I have some ideas to get started with learning knife skills.


1. Watch culinary videos on how to learn great knife skills. They are available for free on websites, search for them online and start looking at videos that teach the basic knife skills first and then move on to learn greater knife skills.  There are many advantages of watching online videos for learning knife skills; while you can learn from home, you also have the liberty to see many videos before selecting one for learning. You can also see the video as many times as you wish, pausing whenever you want to and rewind and see particular step several times.



2. Join a local culinary class for learning knife skills at basic levels but for greater knife skills that teaches culinary cutting techniques you will need to join a good workshop or a culinary school.


3. Look for culinary magazines for free article on knife skills. You can get fair amount of tips on how to develop your cutting skills. Most of these articles provide step by step guide with pictures to assist reader in learning knife skills for cooking. Also you can find many blogs on the internet that provide specific knife skills like how to chop green onions perfectly. Take a printout and practice the same in your kitchen.


4. You can invest in buying a book that has all the information on how to learn great knife skills. These books would come in handy with many other extra culinary lessons in addition to chopping skills.


5. Invest in a good knife set and sharpen the knife. The quality of the knife will decide how well and how efficiently you cut. Also learn some tips how to sharpen a knife set, because you would need to maintain your knives sharp to be ready for cutting anytime.


6. After gathering all information and material for learning and honing your knife skills, start practicing. It is only practice that can make you an expert cook with great knife skills. You can either get 3-4 pounds of onions or carrots or potatoes to start practicing or you can practice on a daily basis.


7. Well, if you practice chopping with onions, here are some tips to help you fight onion tears. After all you have to concentrate on your knife skills than struggling to fight tears.


8. You can also look for communities that serve food and assist them in cooking and cutting. While you get to hone your knife skills they will get a service free of cost.


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How To Learn Great Knife Skills