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What Are The Types Of Woks

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Brighter is not always the better! This statement is true when we talk about woks because the inexpensive carbon steel is considered the best material for a wok. Woks are generally related with Asian-style cooking but this article will show What Are The Types of Woks that American kitchens have started using to prepare, stir-fry or saute their meals.

Woks can be divided into four types – depending on its bottom, metal, handles, size and weight.

Carbon steel woks Vs other metals: Kitchen experts consider carbon steel woks are best because they retain and cook flavors comparatively better than other metals. There is nothing better than traditional woks, even the nonstick ones as they don’t season well. Woks are also available in metal alloys, which offer smoother cooking surface and lighter weight. It is recommended not to buy aluminum-made woks as it increases the intake of the metal, which is harmful for health and has been linked to Alzheimer's disease. On the other hand, cast iron woks are considered good because they absorb high-level of iron, which is good for the body. Use cast iron woks for boiling water as once heated it remains heated for a long time. It is advisable not to buy electric woks, as they are expensive as well as inefficient.

Why round-bottomed woks considered better: Round bottom woks are considered better than flat bottom types since the former offers better heat distribution than the latter. However, if you have modern electric stoves, flat-bottomed woks are the one for you. You need not have to buy round-bottomed woks especially if you have flat cooking surfaces, simply buy wok rings that serve the purpose. Making meal in round-bottomed woks also helps the cook to toss the food easily without spoiling the stove especially after stir frying. Asian cooking usually use round-bottomed woks, while Western nations use the flat ones.

Heavier the better: If you are cooking meal on a stove, always go for very heavy woks, which has more metal in it. More metal means it will retain heat for a longer period and also spread the heat more evenly.

Woks with handle: Woks come with or without ear handles. Some woks also have a pan-like handle. However, it is totally a personal choice on choosing the style, as it doesn’t affect the meal in any way. Pans with handles are normally heat-insulated and people often like to use it for safety reasons. But, there is no harm in using ear handle woks either.

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What Are The Types Of Woks